Friday, June 3, 2016



Blackeyepea:  Well I'm still excited! I know we are inching towards the point of no return! They have to take us to the dance!!

Rascal:  BEP should I buy the corsage now or will go bad before the dance

Blackeyepea:  Rascal..I would buy the corsage and shine my shoes..I believe we will be dancing very very soon..they are running out of time and excuses

Lostnq8:  BEP is it friday and ramadon starts Sunday - do you have any news :)
Blackeyepea: Lost..not really other than Its all a show now..we await 800s..it's really no Intel..at least on my end.

I think it's wise to keep your eyes on China this month..more so than Iraq at this point. I believe China is running the chess board……. Everyone should be excited as they have to bring it and it's our turn!

Isay this all the time but in reality it was November of 2015 that this really could have shaken loose. No way in hades it was gonna happen before..however hind sight is 20/20

I feel sorry for anyone that had this opportunity and let some Google search or person talk them out of it!

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