Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Beloved:  Lost are you listening to Frank's call

Lostnq8:  Beloved...yes.

Lostnq8:  The IMF requires they borrow to follow a program aimed and meeting certain goals. RV is the only requirement of Iraq.

Steps are being accomplished according to the afore signed LOI (Letter of Intent)

Now Abadi is turning his attention to his citizens. He gave them a pep talk. The management of the financial resources are based on the oil revenue. wink wink

When oil is at fifty five dollars a barrel, things will change.

RaginCajun:  lost- is he saying we need $55 on oil

Lostng8:  Thats what the LOI says.  that is about to happen very soon.

Lostnq8:  The liberation of Mosul is underway. Then the RV.

Iraq is pumping oil at a record pace despite the chaos.

Ratifications of all agreements will be by the end of June

Iraq got more loans from G7 countries. This is along with the loan from the IMF

Giant steps are being taken as we speak by Iraq. Iraq is International. We just don't know about it yet. But we will soon.

IMF demanded that they do all of this.

It is now with the cooperation of all world banks.

The last step is to raise the value of the Iraqi currency!!!!

The IMF deal is on track as cabinet approves the reform package.

From Walking stick..Its like loading Noah's ark for mankind.

Iraq will not get the release of loans until they raise the value of their currency.

Call Done. Prayer time.

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