Friday, June 10, 2016



AdminBill: WSOMN Through the Month of June

It is my opinion, based upon the information that I have received personally and the information that team members receive and share that the likelihood of this occurring in June is high. I am still of the opinion that we may see this event transpire before June 16th based upon speculation regarding moves in play by certain Asian governments.

Should it not occur before the 16th we may still see this before the 30th of June. This should not be new to you because this has been my position for several weeks

What happens if we move into July?

AdminBill:  Okay. What does happen? Nothing really in the world as we know it.

Life will go on. The elections coverage and the constant barrage of political lies, promises and rhetoric will continue through the summer unabated and choke full of BS.

Should we move into July I will be making a few significant changes to the site that, I hope will still keep you informed but not glued to the room.

First and foremost WSOMN Forums such as this will remain open for you to share information with the board or send PM's to your friends. The second change will be the complete closure of the Chat Room six (6) days out of each week with one day of the week with the Chat Room set to be open for a 24 hour period.

The third and final change will be a WSOMN Conference Call schedule every other week on the same day the Chat Room is open in order to ensure the topics are timely and the discussions are in line with what members want to discuss.

It is my opinion that should we not see the RV/GCR in June we will not see it until after the November elections. It could of course happen but nothing being said appears to suggest anything different.

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