Wednesday, June 15, 2016




Dr. Mark:  But consider how this is impacting other world markets specifically Japan! And Brexit was not really addressed and the impact it will have. Next week will be huge if UK leaves EU as the $$$ will fall onto Germany who's bonds are in the negative already. Lots going on outside US.

This decision is US only. When the other markets get impacted economically it will impact trade here in the US as monies will become extremely tight for both cash and credit policy. When other countries can't afford to purchase US goods due to lack of liquidity it will come back and hit us hard.

These next 30 days will be a true theatre moment...get the popcorn!

This decision was very myopic for US markets and, IMO, gambling that the UK will stay in the EU. It will be a domino effect if they do leave the EU as the burden for countries like Greece could fall on Germany to solve.

And, since their banks are restricted from a cash flow perspective they can either do QE (which we know is a failure, look at Japan) or some other economic move to address the shortfall in liquidity

Brigantine:  Exactly, Mark. As I have stated several times, We are literally watching WWIII through a vaseline and gauze covered lens.

ZJB:  Brig, DrMark Currency wars WWIII without firing a shot. Just another chess move. Devaluing the Yuan destabilizes the economic structure built on the Petrodollar

Dr. Mark:  Yes ZJB for those countries who are doing their transactions in Yuan. The more that do...the greater pressure and destabilization on the PetroDollar.

Brigantine:  If China announces Gold Back, it will instantly destroy the perceived value of all fiat currencies. One can hardly call that a de-value of the yuan.

Dr. Mark:  Agreed Brig,...they just haven't announced it yet. Can you imagine what would happen to the dollar with China devaluing their Yuan, and, at this new rate they announce a Gold backed currency?? To quote Awake....Checkmate!      So, is the playing field being set up for a....Black Swan event?

Brigantine:   So, if we're "expecting it," it's not really a black swan event then, is it?  Of course, if 99.99% of the rest of the world isn't expecting it. well then... there is that.

Dr. Mark:  No Brig it is not and I thought about that before posting....it truly is "created!

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