Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Beams : (From The Landa Global CC today)

Hi everyone. anyone listen to landa global call tonight? I did :)

Jerzy: GCR is in full steam mode Trust is ready for compensation of bonds and exchanges of the currencies.

Doug: Privates with spreadsheets go first. Public 30 days later when it shows on Forex

He blew Yoseps high rates out of the water as well

Doug said on Zim: expect modest rates

Also..don't expect to see TRNS ... that will take a while before we have new currency

Grandma:  Beams does that mean we are going to the bank like today maybe tonight?????

Beams:  grandma.. private groups haven't even been notified yet. .

Beams: Doug on Landa call did confirm some Military have exchanged.. not all... and that Reno is full of activity

Doug.. integration of TRN will happen but there will NOT be a big devaluation of the us dollar. We might not even see the us note that they speak of.. Physically change of the currency will take years.

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