Saturday, June 4, 2016



Blackeyepea:   You all be cool..it's just about over..

Many things abound but one thing is for sure..we are definitely in the closing moments!
The games are over..it's time to redeem..

Kaper:  Bep what happened to make us closer

Blackeyepea:  Kap..China is ready to roll!!

Kaper: Bep is China pi****

Blackeyepea:  Kap..been pi****.. Which is good for us and our redemption.

If what Iraq is saying is true if they will be loading.. we will be loaded too. Your lives are just about to change financially! Be grateful.. you are rare!

Healthnut:  I think a lot of our lofty plans for humanity, will have to be downsized quite a bit, with a realistic rate on our currencies, but we will have enough to do a lot of good

MmDixie:  I have looked at this event as if I had a rock in my hand and toss it into a pond. The larger the rock, the greater the initial splash as well as many more ripples, however if I am handed a small pebble, it will still create enough of a splash and ripples that myself and my family along with many others will benefit greatly, just the ripples will not reach as far as I had hoped.

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