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Thursday, June 30, 2016


SageTurtle: OK, i had a friend who's family was visiting Toronto. They left last week and knowing they are dongians I told the husband to take a single dong bill in his wallet...

On Monday I reminded him he had that bill and don't forget to see how receptive a Canadian bank would be to dong

He went into La Canada bank and asked a teller if they exchanged dong and what the rate would be?

She leaned over and asked how much he had? He said 4.9 million. She smiled and said wait right back.

Next thing he knew the bank manager asked him to follow him. They went to the 51st floor and started negotiating.

Bank manager slides a contract right in front of him and says sign this and we will guarantee you 60 

SageTurtle:  My friend knowing this was likely a sucker first mouse rate stood up and walked out saying he was insulted at how low the offer was!

The Bank Manager follows him all the way to the street begging him to reconsider.

But he turned the bank down. One thing the teller told him was put the currency in a very safe ace because this is going to pop any second now!

Just thought I'd share that we truly are that close. It also seems Canada banks are more open to discuss. Also the teller said they can no longer sell certain currencies because of impending change!

Hope that makes everyone smile!

SageTurtle:  Astorjack - the bank asked my friend if he had other currencies and he didn't, so I'd like to know the rates on Dinar and ZIM from that bank.

AstorJack:  Sageturtle I have a friend who knows a financial advisor at that same bank, but he is not talking about other currencies until after the GCR has happened

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