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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


BEAMS : Gold & Silver Prices To Rise As Global Financial Reset Could Be Soon…Could a global financial reset push gold to $10,000 an ounce?

Let me start this one by saying that I am not the doomsday theorist. I'm not the guy screaming that the sky is falling. In fact, I like to see things in a positive light.

With that said, the world's financial system is facing big problems, and the evidence is everywhere. As a result, I'm expecting that sometime down the road, it could be months, years or even decades away, nonetheless, a global financial reset will need to happen.

Many say that it's likely to happen soon. If this is the case, gold and silver will climb in a big way. With that said, today we'll discuss the evidence that a global financial reset is necessary, how it would affect gold and silver, and what we can expect to see in the price of these commodities moving forward.

The  Argument That A Global Financial Reset Is Coming
The experts arguing that a global financial reset is coming say that the big issues started when the gold standard was abandoned. In the past, cash money wasn't just a piece of paper. Instead, it was more of an I.O.U. If you ever decided to, you could have brought your cash to the Federal Reserve Bank and exchanged it for its value of gold.
However, that's no longer the case. Several years ago, countries started to sell their stockpiles of gold. Instead, the value of currency became largely focused on the interest rate that was attached to that currency. Essentially, money was changed from something with true intrinsic value to something that had no value other than the trust we place in it.
Since then, we've seen quite a bit by way of big economic problems around the world. Unfortunately, it seems like these problems are only getting worse. The best evidence of this issue is to look at actions made by central banks in the world's largest economies. Because the financial model isn't working, we've seen incredibly bad recessions. To ease the economic strain, central banks have been reducing interest rates, many of them pushing interest into negative territory. In layman's terms, central banks have been increasingly devaluing the currencies they control.
This brings us back around to debt. Due to mass devaluations and economic hardships, the world has far more debt than it will ever be able to pay off. When these debts come to maturity and there is no money able to be paid, well, the debts go into default. Now, what happens when entire countries go into default?
We saw this in Greece. When the country couldn't afford to pay back its debts, banks closed. The only way Greek consumers could access their money was through ATMs. Unfortunately, there were stringent limitations. Only about $60 per day per account was to be dispersed. This led to lines miles long outside of banks and extreme financial pressure on consumers.
Now, what would happen if the larger economies around the world ran into the same problem. Could you imagine if the United States, China, Europe, and the UK all decided to shut down their banking systems? Well, based on what we're seeing around the world, this is a real possibility at some point down the line.
With all of this in mind, experts argue that a global financial reset needs to happen in order to avoid a global economic depression. It's hard to argue against this opinion.
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