Tuesday, June 21, 2016



Pavy:  With all the imformation coming out its hard not to get excited

Beams: I'm actually a teeny.. tiny.. little.. itty bit surprised that we're still here today. However, I am anticipating that this week should be a great week.. so not so much focused on any one day in particular even though i man here today is it.. or yesterday it was day.. I just focus on this week.. because I, also, believe no ones knows the date in advance.. and I like surprises.

Raindancer777:  I have been asking myself can the IQD RV before GCR??? And the only logical answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! History teaches us that (KUWAIT) as example. Much easier to do RV for 1 country than GCR. I would not mind a few IQD's to exchange. Sure would make the GCR wait much easier

Healthnut:  Raindancer777, Kuwait was a whole different game back then. There were not numerous other countries about to revalue their currencies at any time, like now. Double dipping would cause major problems, if Iraq RV'd before the GCR.

Raindancer777:  Healthnut good point!

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