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Wed June 1 CC Delta and F26, 3 JUNE

Third point….it is about the CBI….we all know that my TEAM has been digging into and watching the CBI really closely for a very long time….there is a spreadsheet that the CBI has they have been doing for years and in this is a calculated ratio that they provide….they come up with this ratio to determine the value of the currency…by dividing the foreign exchange assets divided by the money supply…this ratio reflects very close to the exchange rate…and for the last six or eight months the ratio has been showing like 0.85 or 0.86 cents which is close to the value of the USD….

But it looks like we have the magic number in that spreadsheet….when you put all the numbers into the ratio it appears the ratio is basically saying 1 to 1….this is with the CBI but you are not going to be able to see it….you have to really dig for this…but the magic number is there Frankie.

Frank:  Alright…there it is….we started this CC with 111 people and I think we started at eleven minutes after one….1:11….there are just so many ones going on today…but….we keep saying that logic says this is what it should have been….

You go back to December….in December the IMF came out and said look we are going to come out at 1 to 1 with this currency in the first half of next year….but then they said when that happens we are considering a float for the Iraqi dinar…..I mean they told you everything in December Family…..so sure enough 1 to 1 is logical….especially if Jack Lew learned from Kuwait…and then three days later if they release that….oh my goodness….within a matter of hours….it will change….and by the end of this year….

I’m actually going to say something….I came onto the internet as Frank26 because I believed in 3.86 based on what the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Planning did….and IMO….they need to add about 20% to things….so by the end of this year it might be around 4.20….MY OPINION….because I have no idea what I’m talking about…..but jiminy crickets….DELTA….everything they said to us in December is literally right before our eyes.

DELTA:  Absolutely Frankie….but I would like to add that even though it is showing 1 to 1 I believe it will come out even higher….because remember they have to add inflation into it…..so we could see “out the door” more than one dolloar….maybe 1.15 or 1.20….even up to 1.42 is possible….because of them adding inflation…..so 1 to 1 would be the bare minimum we could see….and the other reason I think we will see it come out higher than 1 to 1 is that at that rate it is what the Iraqi citizens are used to seeing….a dollar….but anything higher will be very good for them….IMO I think we will see 1.13-1.20 after inflation is added to it.

Frank:  You remember when we were talking to an unnamed person….I said IMO I see it as 1 to 1….logic says 1 to 1….Jack Lew’s homework says 1 to 1…..simple math says 1 to 1….and then they said to us it will be higher than 1 to 1….remember that.

DELTA:  Yes absolutely I do remember…..but even before you know me I said I am not as concerned about the rate just so long as they keep movning….and I’m not sure if you told the Family about the Special Committee from the US that is in Iraq right now who is there to basically implement the reform as soon as we hear that Fallujah got liberated.

Frank:  If the French Foreign Minister can keep his mouth shut…..the French Foreign Minister was being interviewed and he comes out and says….well as soon as these two cities are liberated…which they have and they are really secure now and they change the rate we will be able to go in and fix things….what….shut up man.

DELTA:  He knows exactly what is going on.

Frank:  He reminds me of six others who have spoken out….how stupid to be talking about something that was done in a private meeting….but I think they believe it has already been announced.

DELTA:  Just as I was saying there are so many indicators that we are so very close….remember the CBI was supposed to start giving loans the 6 trillion dinar loan….the reason they have not done this yet is they want to do everything electronically….so with the Minister of Planning launching this Management System on Thursday that is so important….and you said something very important about the Ki card…you remember a long time ago the Rafadain bank manager said you got the cards and said we are just waiting on them to delete the 000’s for us to do the cards….the CBI has to do that in order for the bank to issue those cards….so when are they going to issue those cards.

Frank:  On the 5th of June….but I’m not talking….not saying anything.

DELTA:  Again look to this Thursday for the implementation of the Development Management System…..they were told to get these things done…..they have to have systems in place and that is what they are doing now working both the financial and economic reforms to deal with the conditional aspect of the loan from the IMF….

Abadi looks to be implementing laws and so much of this stuff in the right way at the right time…..they have to complete all that the IMF has put on them in order to get the final approval for the loan….this is all GREAT news Frankie.

Frank:  They are not going to take their time….IMO…they are in warp speed….and Iran is also doing a bunch of interesting things too…..they have accepted the anti-money laundering law…it’s almost as if they are in a race….I’m really happy…..so happy….that the things that the IMF layed out in December…..we are seeing them right before us now….and another thing….we also said that Iraq will take this to the last nanosecond to some time in June….God willing we will see this.

DELTA:  I was reading another article before I came in that reminded me of something we talked about a while ago about taxes and tariffs….those things have to be hooked up at the borders….they are to be electronic….so they had to put systems in place and make sure they are working…and it sounds like this has been done too.

Frank:  Everyday another domino from the IMF requirements are being shown to us…..and if it is shown to us….I’m sorry but it was done a long time ago…..so IMO….I think they have 4 or 5 things to show us…things that have already been done…..everyday we are getting more and more stuff that they had to do to go into Article 8….to get the loan done.

DELTA:  I agree and it looks like Abadi is doing so much of this stuff, all of a sudden they appear to have money to pay people when just a short time ago they had no liquidity….what is up with that….but Abadi is creating this new image like the article today said a Superman….and no one knows a date or rate…but it could be that Abadi is able to provide something really nice for Ramadan that is coming up.

Frank:  The IMF does not practice Ramadan….we don’t calculate it….but if I were Abadi this is exactly when I would want to release things…..Ramadan is a time when they take inventory and they are grateful….it is not a time to say I am rich….but they will be very grateful that their currency has purchasing power for them….this is wonderful and during Ramadan would be nice….

I have no problem with that…..I also want to say that if it doesn’t happen in June I don’t want any problems….if it goes into July I don’t want a bunch of people saying oh this was just a bunch of lies it’s not happening….seriously…..look how deep they are….look how far advanced they are….sure you can be with us and even post and vent…but you don’t have to be so negative…..don’t blame DELTA and Frank…blame the IMF…they supposedly have the control.
 DELTA:  I see most of the media stations and newspapers in Iraq…and most all of them are asking Abadi to stop the CBI auctions….stop them immediately….but Abadi is an economist and he is aware you can’t stop the auctions unless you are also prepared and ready to raise the value of their currency…..

They want to be international as the IMF has suggested…they have to go global….they talk about opening up the private sector….but again this requires Article 8 for them to be allowed to move things freely out of the country at something besides that program rate….we are so very close with all of this….they have to have a tradable currency in order to move money from one country to another…..also look at how hard and fast Abadi is trying to get things done….diligently he is working along with others….that Special Committee is waiting on the announcement…the US Embassy is waiting…..the announcement will bring forth a new currency rate as well as the LD’s.

Frank:  You know DELTA….the fact that the IMF is holding their hand…or grabbing their ear and guiding them through the MR….I am so at peace because of their presence….in fact it allows the international world to not only feel confident…but to also tend to over talk…and I do agree with you about stopping the auctions…but it is suicidal unless you can also lift the value of your currency…and for them to have all this pressure from so many different angles….not just the IMF….not just the reserves….not just the international world….but stop and think about this….all of this equipment….all of this training of the staff so they can talk in an international language….all of this technology…spending months with US techno-geniuses….they went over there….they have been there in the Embassy….in the Green Zone….guiding Junior to their final quest….

If Iraq does not lift the value of their currency what an insult….not to the IMF but to the fact of being under a program rate…..I don’t think Iraq is trying to go in the direction of internal suicide….not with them working on all these things…no….they are hungry….our God tells us that Baghdad will once again become the Mecca of the world…and it is…..

My brother I am excited and I am thankful for this extra information that you brought to us right now….the fact that the Minister of Planning is going to be making an announcement on Thursday about the Development Management System to establish their e-government…you might as well say international government….and then the letter to the IMF by the 15th that says we are done…

Alright then let’s move things….let’s go….let’s start making money…and the third thing that IOO opinion there is enough evidence showing a calculation of at least a 1 to 1 ratio for the Iraqi dinar coming out soon.

Dismissed with a prayer.

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