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WSOMN: Your Timely Exchange Gift, 12 JUNE


Cantap:  Your Timely Exchange Gift
Guest Post by One Who Believes  6/11/2016 06:53:00 PM
Don't Miss Out On Your Timely Exchange Gift
As I was pondering all the controversy over the high exchange rates, I realized that there is a big misunderstanding in Dinar-Land. It seems that most people are questioning how the super high exchange rates could possibly be supported by the valuation of the country's assets.

The answer is: it can't. That is why the super high rates are only available for 6 days.
What you don’t realize is that the final rate for all currencies will be the actual, appropriate, calculated, internationally accepted rates. I think that everyone can agree that these rates "Make Sense." After all, that is the whole argument, is it not?

he simple explanation is that the Chinese are giving financial gifts to Dinarland for 6 days only. That is, the High exchange rate is calculated by taking the regular International Rate + The Bonus Rate Gift = The super high rate only available for 6 days.

This high Bonus Rate cannot be explained by valuation of the country's assets, but instead as a bonus added for Humanitarian Purposes.
If you think about it, it is no different than the prosperity packages, or the high rates paid out on Historical Bonds, or the Project funding that is available to anyone with a Humanitarian project.

The only difference is that this Bonus Humanitarian Money is given only to currency holders instead. That is why they want to hear about the Humanitarian projects you have in mind to get the extra high rate/money/gift.
It all makes sense in the big picture. The Currency Bonus Rate Gift is just the 4th way of getting money into the World for Humanitarian Projects.

The First way, is the Prosperity Packages.

The Second Way is funding the Historical Bonds which require a Humanitarian purpose.

The Third way is the direct Project Funding Groups like Landa China Global which pumps money into the World for Humanitarian Projects only.

And now there is a Forth way by giving a, 6 day only, higher Bonus Rate Gift to redeeming currency holders for the purpose of humanitarian projects.
This makes a lot of sense because we are among the most educated and well informed people on the planet.

As we have spent our days looking for information on the RV/GCR, we have learned about NESARA, the Galactics, The Governmental Corruption, and many other problems facing our World. Who better to give this extra money to than the ones who know what is going on?

So the bottom line is that you are right, the super high rates given on the first 6 days of currency redemption do not make sense based on the countries assets, but it is not supposed to. Only the international rates are supposed to make sense and they do.

The extra money is a GIFT to Humanity through you. This Bonus Exchange rate is only available to you for the first 6 days and then the rates go back down to normal, regular, everyday, international rates where they will remain for years to come.
So, don't miss out on your Time-Limited Exchange Bonus Rate. As soon as you get the 800#s, make an appointment and exchange you currency in time for the Gift Rate before it expires.

Signed: One Who Believes

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