Sunday, June 5, 2016



Bita : elmer is on Fact and Opinion call and  not OM

Rascala:  okie thru elmer says exchg going on military bases in VA Wash WV Nc penn

LadyB22:  Just heard the 4 states where bases are exchanging are: Pennsylvania, Virginia, N. Carolina and Washington state.... and they are doing it even right now….. and Art talks to Okie several times a day to compare notes and after researches,,,, they found the places. No problem.

Driftcurrent:  I'm ready if it has started at the bases and the cards are out in Iraq as RAYREN says than we are very close

SassyD:  Take what we've heard today..... Stay VERY calm...... Wait for Our turn with grace & dignity .... Let's don't screw this up with foolish actions !!!

Kittyndog :   Well my son in law that was a combat marine called his higher ups and they confirmed exchanges started yesterday. Closed for weekend have to wait for monday
Elmer stated the four states and the one I was told was one of them

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