Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Yada:  We are still in a very good spot to receive this any moment,,,,,the banks are still expecting to see us and waiting for the release by the Treasury,,,, I still believe we, the internet people, will be in the banks before the public so all is go,,,

NBK2qih:  Yada before the brexit vote?

Yada:  nbk2qih,,,I do not believe the vote has anything to do with the RV,,,,,this vote would be similar to when the Fed was going to increase the interest rate,,,they just didnt know how the markets would respond and just like then, investors are trying to hedge any changes,

DinarVision:  yada, no doubt we'll be in the banks before the public. question is, when will the public go?

Yada:  DinarVision,,Im of the mind that the handlers of the RV are making sure we do not have a repeat of 2014,,,,yes, the banks can exchange us now, as part of the groups with the public right behind us,,so all the rhetoric on the defeat of Isis just creates confidence with those involved in the release

Yada:  Those of us paying attention know we are not in the same position we were in a month ago or even 6 months ago,,,,fact is,,,there are some things Ray knows that makes this time different than the previous,,when they said it is progress, progressive it has been with each step revealed at a time,,,

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