Sunday, June 5, 2016



Hawkman:  This came from my chiropractor yesterday….. I have a niece in the navy, active duty. I did not know that she went to the M.E. My brother told me today that when she got back, she exchanged her dinar at the base for $3.00 per dinar. I did not know this She is looking into this right now. Talked to her dad, he said base exchanges probably closed for the weekend. She will look into it Monday…… But she exchange d over a year ago

Jthrnh:  Base exchange centers are usually closed on weekends

Golferiam:  You need to understand that military Base Exchanges are simply stores...like a Walmart. If a base is or will be doing foreign currency exchanges it will most likely be at a bank on the base or the base finance office.

Elmerf123456:  Great news hawk man…..Okie's info apparently speaks truth. How bout them apples….. Some finally catch up, some never do. Monday should be much info pouring in.

Elmerf123456:  All roads leading to closure. No coincidences!

JWill:  I hope with all of this info, we will be exchanging soon.. I sure wouldn't want to go into July with this extended craziness!!!!

Elmerf123456:   if the Chinese Yuan goes gold backed on June 16th the wait is over IMO in terms of the GCR.

Maddison:  My Nephew is in the 101st. Last night he called home and said Mosul is a done deal. They and the Kurds are just moping up now. He's REALLY glad it's almost done.
Dinara:  Exciting times!

Ecubucs: Dinara, it will be 10 Times as Exciting in 24 Hours if All is Happening like is now being projected and reported over the last 24 hours!

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