Saturday, June 25, 2016



Ecubucs:  Yes! I Believe this is the perfect "Smoke Screen" beginning to be seen to the public for the Reset...

The "Domino Effect" has begun to the Public's Eye! We may see more country's begin prior to seeing the actual RV to happen for us to be able to "Go To The Bank"... But this thing is now a "GO" for the count IMO!

Remember how a few months ago Switzerland "Depegged" from the Fiat Dollar and the were the FIRST! They have now stabilized there market and are doing Great! GB had to do this as well!!! France, Italy and others must follow now because the EU Dollar is Fiat as well... This is the "New Shot just heard around the world"!!!

it's my beliefs that it's time to pop some popcorn and get ready to watch the "BIG SHOW"!!! I'm going to watch what the Idiot Box says and then compare it to my contacts and my resources and then try to make a reasonable concussion to what is happening...

But one thing is Truly easy to say... "It's SHOWTIME Baby!!!"

Steadfast:  I'm getting a concussion waiting for the conclusion.


Ecubucs:  No Sir Paper Boy- What has happened yesterday puts us ALL in a Great Position!!!! I'm Feeling GREAT Today!!!! Be Encouraged Everyone! You're about to have been RIGHT in front of all your families and friends who thought you were Out of Your Mind!!!!


Elmerf123456 : Relax folks. Elmer is on watch! It's all good. No flukes.

SassyD:  Brexit was the shot heard round the world for THE PEOPLE taking their country back and away from their 'controllers" !!  The fact that there was a 72.% Voter Turnout is Amazing...... a... "We, The People" moment !!!

Elmerf123456:  Sassy yes and a catalyst of things to come!  More to come. Brexit was only an appetizer.

This is good listen for those who choose too: some interesting nuggets in it! Here it is John - Jim Willie Collapse Warning: BREXIT Could DETONATE Deutsche Bank! 6/24/16


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