Thursday, June 23, 2016



Elmerf123456 : The journeys been long covering many a year Looking for the finish to really be here. A passionate test something shared by all. As we wait patiently and wonder What will be said on the call

Elmerf123456 : We have to understand there are and have been no delays. This is a well thought out process over 50 years in the making! All is as it should be and the signs are there. False timelines get created by those who don't have the total picture and misinformation. Got your ticket? Your good!

FullofHope:  hey Elmer.. have you talked to okie lately? is he still coming in for a landing?

Elmerf123456:  According to him the runway is now

clintonya :  Longest landing in aviation history. Lol 
Elmerf123456 ) Coming in for a landing can mean a lot of things. It means on approach. No one knows the exact time and date and certainly would not state it in advance! You know a lot. That should be good enough to keep you in line. It's happening.

There is so much going on in the financial markets now and the current system we use. The cracks are here and the changes from it are global and happening right before your eyes.
If you invested and believe, it should not matter what you hear from anyone. Faith isn't a tangible. When it hits, it's better to have than have not.

Folks this is much greater the Iraq. It's a plan that's been in the making a long time.

FullofHope:  what is brexit and why is it important

LilyPad:  Britain citizens are voting today on whether they want to separate from the European Union. Their country and currency will stand alone. There are rules in the European Union and Britain would not operate under those rules. Importance: Other countries will more than likely follow suit.

FullofHope:  thanks for the explanation lillypad....does this have an effect on the rv?

LilyPad:  Speculation:  Speculation: It will make a perfect shield for Iraq to emerge as a sovereign nation including its currency

FullofHope:  i read bluewolf's post yesterday, saying it would be the trigger, but i don't understand why....no matter...time will tell

LiyPad:  I agree full of hope. Time tells all. IMO Iraq's currency is going to "internationalize" no matter the event. Iraq is not using the word revalue any more. They use internationalize

GBT:  Not to worry brothers and sisters...Here's some real intel. Iraq is going to RV their currency, hopefully soon...but we KNOW it is coming and everything...everything they have been saying and more importantly doing the past couple years says Yes...take comfort and be happy you are in the game

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