Friday, June 24, 2016


Elmerf123456:  Today will be a historical day in the marketplace. There is much concern now and not "much ado about nothing"

Today is a catalyst for what we all have been looking for.

Today will start historical beginning's of which not any of us have witnessed or experienced before. It is easy for some to say this is just business as usual!

Last nights event is not the same as 2008 because this has global ramifications connected to it. 

Those who look at this with "the boy who cried Wolf" mentality will be hurting. Don't be one of them!  

You have been coached on what to expect. Be ready and be expectant for global change!

TnDr:  Thank you Elmer. We may recall Tony and DC say there was an easy way this would finish or a hard way. I'm of the opinion the hard way is in play. History is in the making and perhaps hitting rock bottom has to happen before we get to soar!

Glodev:  I would think the Brexit is a catalyst for the GCR -- All countries need the money infused into the system. 

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