Saturday, June 4, 2016


Clemsonfan:  "gorgejetson wrote :  Well, IF it was from Okie...It could have been one of those kooks... BUT IF it was from Okie, here's what I got:

"RV is official Military Cashing out at 5.25 in green zone. it will be announced on forex sunday night at last nuff said"
Another member then stated they called Okie to verify and Okie said he did not send the tweet BUT THE INFORMATION IN THE TWEET WAS CORRECT

Elmerf123456: Okie did not make any posts. Okie told me that if he had anything of substance to say, he will tell me first and then home me permission to tell you. That should help eliminate the false posters. You have my word on it! As someone once said. "Nuff Said"

DocSavage:  elmer Someone else said they contacted Okie to confirm the tweet. They also said Okie stated he did not send it. However, according to them, Okie said the information in the tweet was correct. Did he tell you that as well?

Elmerf123456:  He did not generate the message nor confirm it. It wasn't of his doing.

Elmerf123456: I just got off the phone with him. Take it for what it's worth! I go straight to the horses mouth….. None of that message or any confirmation of that message came from Okie. He just told me this and I told you in the future if he has something of substance to say, he will tell me and give me permission to tell you! I can't be any clearer.

Elmerf123456:  Okie does not tweet or post and hasn't done so in over 2 years. Relax we are at the end and no one and I mean no one will be left in the dark.

Elmerf123456:  Hang tight. I will be providing a post from Okie himself shortly! This will be his words and his words alone and authorized by him. In other words a real Okie post. He seemed in a great mood and wanted to collect his thoughts.

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