Monday, June 27, 2016



Elmerf123456:  I just got off the phone with Okie. He did not do any post today or any post at all recently any post he does will be verified by me and he's actually having a very bad health day today with bad breathing so everybody keep him in your prayers

Elmerf123456:  Don't know but some people like to have their fun and confuse people and state it's Okie and I spreading lies. Simply ridiculous. It doesn't matter anyway we are almost over with this ride and the so-called people that think they're doing people favors by lying and misrepresenting will have to find a new line of work ! As my friend says...Nuff said

Okie sounded really sick and short of breath. Just lift him up in your prayers.

Remember Okie no longer posts in any chat room, tweets or skypes. So if you see anything there, forget it. If he uses someone other than me to send us a message he will tell me and I will tell you. If he tells me directly, I will tell you

LoveJoy:  Praying for Okie, may God restore his health and prayers for all those that are struggling to make it day to day.

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