Saturday, June 25, 2016



Airam:  How does this  affect us…. don't know but Europe is a turmoil.....The Scottish asking to have a new independence referendum.....north Ireland the same…..The economies in Europe are a mess…. Brussels already said it is not going to be an amicable divorce .....and they want it fast won't wait the two yrs......could this be positive ......or it will mean a new delay ......good excuse for it

Mangelo:  Airam the break away from the EUro helps us! The whole purpose of the GCR is every country having their own currency!!!! GO GCR!!  The reason it sounds so bad is because of the fiat currency! every thing will be okay with the Gold Back currency!!!   there is a purpose and a reason for everything...

Airam:  Definitely politic and economic turmoil in Europe… Hoping it works for us

Mangelo:  what is going on now…was told to us before but no one was really paying any attention on how this would come about.... now it's a clear go ahead for the GCR to go!!!  IMO

Dr.G8400:  This was already organized prior to the Brexit vote.............I find it quite interesting............

Exchange Rates and External Adjustment

Swiss National Bank, International Monetary Fund, and IMF Economic Review
Zurich, June 24-25 2016

The Swiss National Bank (SNB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the IMF Economic Review are organizing a joint conference on "Exchange Rates and External Adjustment".

 The conference will provide a forum to discuss recent theoretical and empirical research on the macroeconomics and microeconomics of external adjustment, the optimal response of monetary, exchange rate and macroprudential policies when financial frictions matter, the effects of sovereign risk, and the role of exchange rates at the sector and aggregate levels.
The conference will be hosted by the Swiss National Bank and will take place in Zurich, Switzerland on June 24-25, 2016.


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