Thursday, June 23, 2016



RSquared:  With Bretton Woods meeting on June 27th to discuss world issues including financial future. If this is just a planning session we have a long wait for GRC. JMHO

LocoFelipe: You guys are completely missing the picture.... you are looking for a forrest and your standing among the trees..... you have to rise above it all to see what is really going on.... Bretton Woods... frankly-has nothing to do with this. study it..... you wil see. mark my words-set the date- you will find what I just wrote to be correct. I will not explain any further.

Art:  locofelipe What did you just write? Just came in and didn't see it. Thanks

Yada:  Somewhere along the line, the term GCR has been crossed with all the currencies just adjusting their values based on the new dinar currency,,,, simple as that,,nothing else

LocoFelipe:  yada... correct…. I am of the firm conviction that this is about to become our reality. I have reasons to believe this.... and with all seriousness, and all kidding aside. I sincerely hope we are all ready.


Carlosisin:  good evening everyone from the Lurker's Lounge. I have to ask a question, if the banks are seeing these rates "Live" on their screens, what's the hold up? why can't we go to the bank in the am and exchange? why does this mind set keep reappearing every 6 months? I know these are all hard questions we try to avoid, but I've been here since Aug '08 and as you can tell, I'm tired beyond belief. can someone please share with me some encouragement.

Tripn88:  carl we were told many times its on the screen but they have not been given permission to use the rates yet….. the powers that be..heads of depts..who knows who the button pusher is. I doubt you will ever know that answer.

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