Thursday, June 16, 2016



Mangelo:  I am waiting for my friends cousins that live in Kurdistan, and in Baghdad, and in several small towns in Iraq. waiting for the text that their cards are loaded...no text yet.......IMO that's when we go! everything else we are hearing may push it...IMO not until the Iraqi people are paid..... so I will wait... have a great day!


Fireball92:  I listened to Frank last nite... Mosul! As usual F26 was cryptic However he staying firm that the agreement is Before the 1/2 point 2016….

F26 is adamant that Rv will not go til flag planted in Mosul,,, BUT its an orchestrated deal. Mosul already secure, using as excuse til CBI secure

We see that their is REPORTED progress in Mosul. News days behind. F26 thinks Mosul is done and they are 'leaking' info in a metered fashion while they are finishing some security things in CBI.

IT is the 16th Over 1/2 of June is done NOW i expect ASN


Harambe:  China Is Now Starting to Dump U.S. Stocks http://bloom.bg/1tx6IRz

Harambe:  Bank Indonesia Steps Up Stimulus With Fourth Rate Cut This Yearhttp://bloom.bg/1rrADJ1

Harambe:  Oil hits three-week low on weak US stock draw, Brexit fear

Drakechap:  It's more red across the Bloomberg board then in a box of crayons!!!!!!!!

Mobius:  China Dumping More Than Treasuries as U.S. Stocks Join Fire Sale:The People’s Bank of China, owner of the world’s biggest foreign-exchange reserves, burnt through 20 percent of its war chest since 2014, dumping about $250 billion of U.S. government debt and using the funds to support the yuan and stem capital outflows. 


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