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TNT Call notes 8-June-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Wednesday, June 8, 2016.
As the tweet said, there is no new intel.  If you are here for intel only, thanks for being here and enjoy your day.
For those remaining, let’s do a little training.  Every call serves its own purpose.  There have been reports in the news about the cards not being 100% funded as we were told it would be at the beginning of Ramadan.  There are several answers as to why, but that doesn’t change the reality.  We don’t really know what has impact and what does not, and by the time it’s behind us, it won’t matter – it will be past history. Let’s focus on the things we can do something about, rather than what we cannot affect.  Perseverance and patience are our best friends now.  The US banks have been ready for weeks, some called in at night or over the holidays, ready to man the stations… as late as even yesterday some bank sources had high expectations, calling int heir people to be ready and in place.  Yet we are still here, waiting patiently and optimistically.  We didn’t have definitive information that this would happen last night.
I understand the frustration.  How many times do you want to hear “it’s happening today or tonight?”  My intel sources have not been giving me that kind of information.  I like to stand on concrete information, and that is not exact.  They are NOT saying “this is definitely happening at 10am today” but progress is being made, and sooner or later that wheel will stop just where we want it to stop.
That’s the best intel I can share with you right now, and it’s no different than what we had on Monday. Let’s see if there are questions on the forum.
Q:  Are you going to be doing a seminar in Oklahoma or will Dallas and possibly Wichita be the closest ones?  A:  Yes, there should be a meet-and-greet in Wichita.  Look in the forum for the  post by Shoelady.
Q:  Have the Iraqis in country had their cards been loaded with international rates?
A:  there are some news articles saying they have been funded, but not all of them yet.
Q:  Now that it seems that the cards are being loaded and distributed to most of the Iraqi citizens, what is the next big thing that needs to happen before we see the release of the 800#’s over here in the US? Is there another step? A:  I don’t know what the next big thing that needs to happen, or if there is a next step.  Clearly there is some reason the 800 numbers have not been utilized yet, but I don’t know what that is.
Q:  There is a rumor that has been floated around several times that Iraq is going to introduce a new currency which would make the Dinar we now hold obsolete. Is this a possibility?  A:  I haven’t reported any such thing from any of my sources. 
Q:  There seems to be confirmation that the Iraqi Stock Exchange is up and running – ISX.
A:  Last I heard it was up and running.   They have been running the ISX for a couple of years now without an international rate, because it’s all in country.
Q:  In a recent blast you said, "The banks are all online and ready to go. There are unconfirmed rumors of an announcement of the reforms being completed, more information is being pursued…."  Is there any additional information on the "announcement of reforms" and was this specifically intended to be a global announcement of the currency being reinstated to the "pre-war" rate, or revalued to an international rate?  A:  I don’t know what the announcement is intended to be until it’s actually made. The rumor is that the economic reforms are completed, and that implies an international rate to me.
Q: Can you comment on the 6 bankers that got fired and if that had any impact to this RV and, if so, what that might have been?  A:  No.  I haven’t heard they were holding up the process, so being fired wouldn’t have any impact on the process.
Q: Do you believe that we must await the conclusion of Ramadan before the RV exchange process can commence?   A:  It has already commenced, it just hasn’t reached our level.
Q: There is an article out about continued protesting.  Can you speak to what the citizens’ most serious gripe is about?  Would you agree that if MR and a new, high rate was in place for them that we would see celebrations instead of protesting?  A:  Don’t understand;  what is MR?  The most serious gripe was the corruption;  even with a revalued rate, how much difference will that make for the people if corrupt government people keep taking it?  So that is the biggest gripe and it would be for me as well.  The RV will come, so we don’t have to fight for that as much as for equal rights and representation.
Q: I bought some currency from dinarcorp.com. I went there the other day and they are not there anymore (on the internet). Have you any information as to why they are not on the internet anymore?  A: That particular company had issues and were shut down last summer.  Google the company name and you can learn more about that.  Or ask in chat and I’m sure someone will update you.
Live calls:
832 caller:  At the exchange centers, are we supposed to use the code IQN, or just ask to exchange Vietnamese currency?
RayRen:  I don’t believe in teaching people their jobs.  I would go in and ask to exchange at the highest rate possible.  I will say the Vietnamese dong, and if they say there are several codes, I will ask for the one with the highest rate. I know what I want, and I don’t want to complicate things.  I won’t go in trying to tell them what it is.
Caller:  Are we still expecting an 800 number at this point?
RayRen:  That’s what I have been told, at least from one bank.
313 caller:  There is something I’d like you to before the call ends:  what do I then require to exchange?  I have a niece who is listening, and she needs to know what ID to take, and what to say – just the basics when it is done.  Which IDs will they accept?  And then what is she supposed to say she is there for?
RayRen:  You just did it!  I heard two photo IDs will be necessary for an NDA, so bring two photo IDs if you have them.  If you are married, husband and wife both have to sign an NDA.  Even if you live in different states, If you are still married, both have to sign.  You are there to exchange not to ‘cash in’; that may not mean much at the bank but might be significant afterwards, and it conditions you to do it the right way and remember it the right way.
Caller:  Are they accepting all the denominations or only some (of the zim)?  I bought 100 million and 500 million notes for more grandkids.
RayRen:  We were always told that 100 trillion and 50 trillion zims would be exchanged. That was two years ago, and now we have members who have visited the banks to make their plans, and they have been told that all denominations can be exchanged.   We will find out for sure on the day. 
903 caller:  [didn’t hear the question]
RayRen:  Do you have access to the forum?
Caller:  Not any more.  I tried to get the update from the forum but couldn’t find it.  I could only find the tweet, which I had already received.
RayRen:  Did you open the Latest Blasts folder?  You have to click on that folder to find the various updates. 
Next caller:  Why didn’t this happen when the banks were so ready?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  Just because we are ready, that doesn’t mean it will happen that day.  We get ready to be in position.  The banks are being told that revaluation is imminent;  that doesn’t mean they are being told the exact day and hour, just that they need to position themselves with staff in expectation, because everything was very favorable for this to pop.
567 caller:  I recently read The New Iraqi Dinar Investment Guide, and it said that George Soros  has invested heavily in the dinar.
RayRen:  I wouldn’t know – how would they know that?
Caller:  With all these bankers knowing this is coming, why wouldn’t they invest?
RayRen:  Some of them bought currency and quit!  We still communicate from time to time, but not like we used to because they no longer work at the bank. Most signed agreements that they would not purchase currency.
Caller:  When will it be possible to sign up for the Vegas event?
RayRen:  Not until after the RV.
340 caller:  [cannot hear caller] rate on zim?
RayRen:  Zim is starting to get my attention because the banks are starting to tell people some rates like 2-3 cents.  I haven’t got an update on that yet.  We hear they are being seen on some screens, and that is enough to make me keep an eye on that.
419 caller:  In the event this comes to fruition while I am here, and I ask my daughter to send me 25K one note, I don’t belong to any bank here, so what is the best way to take care of that so I can use those funds from one note.  Can I exchange one note?  My bank is not out here.  Would I have a problem exchanging that one note?
RayRen:  I don’t think you would have any difficulty exchanging that one note there.  They will want you to open an account with that local bank, and when you go back home, you can still utilize that account electronically.  That could be part of your diversification strategy and therefore beneficial for you.  One note at the rate we are hearing for dinar = 25,000 x 3.71 = $92,750, and I don’t think you will have any monthly fees on that!
Caller:  When you present the bulk of your currencies, you should be able to get a better price, so that was another concern.
RayRen:  You probably can, so when you take in that single note, start negotiating.  At least, that‘s what I would do.
Caller:  I hadn’t thought of that aspect.  Maybe I will end up moving!  With the 250K limit on being covered by the FDIC, is that one account or all accounts?
RayRen:  Call the banks and ask them now, before you get stressed out.  That is your homework.
Okay, let’s remember verification, negotiation and diversification in your plan of action. Make sure you have valid IDs;  some banks will accept expired IDs and some won’t, so check that yours are valid.  Check with the bank beforehand if it will be accepted.  If you cannot do that today, ask when you are making your appointment.
Make sure you haven’t missed ‘lost opportunities’.  It’s always worth thinking smart.  Go to the forum and find that post I put in about lost opportunities;  it’s also on the internet underhttp://rayren.webs.com/Lost%20Opportunity.jpg.  Read it and then make your decisions.  It will eliminate an excuse, at the very least.  At least your decisions will be based on what you know rather than what you don’t know.  We will have a special call on that subject.
Make sure you set up POD (payable on death) to transfer that account to your chosen beneficiary so that if any thing happens to you, it goes to your loved ones without probate or delay.  There can be multiple recipients;  the bank will help you sort that out.
Look into self-directed Roth IRAs;  that can be very important to many of you.  Whatever you do, do it from a perception of your own knowledge and intelligence.  You’re going into a whole different lifestyle when this hits, so get out of ‘this is what they say’ and start learning, understanding, and implementing what is best for you and your family.
We are already in the time-frame.  Nothing is saying this will take another day, week or month.  This is liquid and moving.  We receive information and it changes within the hour, or we get intel in advance and then find the action has only just started.  Sometimes we are told intentions.  I do expect this Iraqi dinar will revalue and the other currencies along with it.  All we can do until that happens is to have patience and perseverance as we wait it out. Sooner or later, our day will come.  Just keep believing.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA 

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