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TNT Call notes 6-June-2016
RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Monday, June 6, 2016.
There hasn’t been any new intel and also I’ve had communication problems through the weekend.  I had to get a new phone and haven’t yet reconnected with everyone.  The phone people thought my texts would show up on the new phone, and sure enough, there were 80+ texts I haven’t had time to look at yet. There were problems with this call line as well;  the numbers had changed.  So it all got interesting.
There isn’t a lot of new, solid intel although some things were reported by several people.  Many of us tried to reach our Iraqi contacts because there are several purported announcements and we haven’t had confirmations yet.  Apparently they don’t look at their emails over the weekend either!  There was a heavy expectation in the banks that they would be seeing us today, this evening and into Tuesday. That’s what they are still looking at.  Banking folks are still on high expectation going into tomorrow.  There were resets in the bank systems over the weekend, from several banking sources.  So that looks promising.
We just don’t know if the cards in Iraq have been fully funded;  our sources have not got back to us about what’s happening.  We hear that Mosul has been reclaimed, but that hasn’t been confirmed and we don’t know what impact that will have.  Right now, the quest is on to get more information, and to confirm what we have heard.  Some of the stuff we heard about exchanging at military locations, most of our contacts say that has not happened but one or two have confirmed that exchanges did take place.  We’ll look into that as well.
Questions on the forum:
Q:  My son has currency and is overseas, expecting to return in a few months.  If the currency revalues this week, should I exchange for him or wait until he gets home?
A:  Do you have a power of attorney to exchange for him?  If so, you can exchange and put it directly into his account.  Otherwise, you are exchanging his  money for you, and may have to deal with taxes on that. Get a power of attorney!
Q:  Have you received any confirmation that Iraqi cards have been loaded?  A:  No, but I have had communication problems and when I catch up, I might have something.
Q:  Okie’s post said some military people can exchange on base.  A:  I haven’t spoken with Okie personally but I believe that post was actually from Okie;  my phone was down and I couldn’t call him directly.  We are getting confirmations of two locations where exchanges took place, but that activity has now ceased.
Q:  Any changes in procedures to the exchange process?  A:  No.
Q:  Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel before first half of year, i.e., 30. June?
A:  Yes, and I saw a strong light on Friday based on the Iraqis and the bank intel.
Q:  Anteater said he they were exchanging at Fairchild AFB, but cannot find that they are.
A:  PM Anteater and ask him to help in your research.
Q:  Have you heard any confirmation of price changes in Iraq, aligned to the new rate?
A:  We have heard that in the past but not lately.
Q:  What is an excellent question that has not been asked yet?  A: Can’t think of one.
Q: When will internet people be exchanging?  A:  I really have no idea.  Some folks say today, this evening, going into Tuesday morning.  I assume banking people are giving that from their superiors and their expectations.  Once we find out what is going on in Iraq with the cards, that might give us additional insight.
Live questions:
707 caller:  I’m looking at some legislation in the House prohibiting the government from bailing out bankrupt states and counties. The bill is HR 5276.  I heard there was something about a bail-in, like they had in Greece a few years back, where they can take money out of our bank accounts. [This happened in Malta, actually, not Greece.]  I thought I might ask my representative about this;  it sounds serious to me.
592 caller:  On Dinar Recaps, someone said that instead of calling it an exchange they called it redemption, with ‘sovereign rate’ rather than contract rates.  Your view?
RayRen:  Ask them.  I’m still exchanging and asking for the contract rate.
340 caller:  Are you saying the banks are expecting us today or tomorrow?
RayRen:  Yes, from what I’m hearing from the bank sources… they are still being optimistic and looking for us.
Caller:  [couldn’t understand the question
RayRen:  I don’t know what formal announcement should come our way… other than the currency being fully revalued?  All the cards are supposed to be fully funded and distributed?  I don’t know if there was to be a formal announcement on that.  We don’t always know what the announcement will be until it’s made.  The last thing I heard from the mosques is that the cards were to be fully funded before Ramadan.
Caller:  When will Ramadan be over?  Do you think this can happen through Ramadan.
RayRen:  July 5, if I’m not mistaken.  Yes, I believe it’s already been initiated last Saturday;  we just don’t how long it takes to fulfill itself.  Be ready so you don’t have to get ready.
OK caller:  They’re talking about ‘face value’ on the currency, even the zim – not knocking off zeros, that is, and from more than one source.
RayRen:  The only source I believe on that is the bank, and I’m still hearing they will knock off six zeroes. If there is a fundamental change, we’ll learn about it together.
231 caller:  If some military are exchanging on post, I’m curious about that.
RayRen:  Everything has to have a starting point for all phases.  That might be a test.  I have heard solid confirmations from three people saying it DID take place.  Now I might have bank sources saying they processed X people as a test to see how it would go.  It could be this is a test from the military standpoint.  That makes sense to me.  I could see them taking a segment rather than flipping a switch and everything being wide open.  WE are ready to do this, but there are bank personnel that will be shocked by the numbers.  Then they say they are not authorized to do this, so everyone is not trained for the impact.  As more comes in, we will put it together until it makes sense. We should be able to help our military without incident.
609 caller:  How is the RV a good thing for the US if is calls hyper-inflation?  Right now there are only about 250 billion dollars circulating in the US.  In your mind, what can you tell us to reassure us that the same thing won’t happen here as in Greece/Argentina?  I read a book by Jim Rickets called Currency Wars;  what do you think?
RayRen:  I am more waiting for this to pop out and plan what I’ll do after that.  We will have professionals who will keep us informed. I don’t think it will be as bad as some people think, and we will have information to deal with these issues.  The uninformed are those who are most affected;  the wealthy moved their money.  We will seek out professional economists who read the trends and can advise us how to counter them.  I will listen and take their advice, and I hope you do that as well.  It will be worth the fee.  We all need to have a Plan B, if these negative things happen.
Caller: Get some cash and keep it in your house so that you can get through a month if the banks and ATMs shut down.
RayRen:  Always good to have reserves.
740 caller:  My son told me Okie said the military were paid out at a rate of $3.00.
RayRen:  Anything is possible.  I haven’t had any rates reported, not least because many have signed NDAs.  We’ll find out more over time.  If you believe the rate is $3.71 and you accept $3, then it’s on you. Don’t accept less unless you have a good reason to.
Caller: Any rate on the zim?
RayRen:  Only what bank people have said they see on the screen. Several members said bank folks say they see on the screen rates from 3 to 11 cents.  Tare front screens and back screens with different rates.  What that means, I don't know. We won’t know until we get in there to exchange.  Even the lowest rate is fantastic!
Caller:  I hope this happens because I have family who need help.
RayRen:  Not to mention all the new friends!
214 caller:  Have you heard anything else about lower denominations?
RayRen:  All the banks seem to have them, we just don’t know the exact date that this will pop.  We expected it this weekend… when Iraqis have this we will not be far behind.
626 caller:  The guy who is worried bout the HR bills – don’t’ assume they know what that means.  The Dodd Frank Act already gives them permission for a bail-in.  Ray, once you have gone through all your texts and emails, if there is good info, will you tweet us?
RayRen:  Yes, of course.
601 caller:  It irritates me that they get down to this point, and then they turn around and something else has to be accomplished.
RayRen:  That’s understandable, but we have to look at a snowball going down a hill.  It has to start somewhere;  as it comes down the hill, getting larger and larger, we are looking for the big landslide.  The private exchanges and this military development, those could both be phases of the snowball, but we are still waiting for the avalanche.
Caller:  If you have a 100 trillion zim note, are they taking off six zeroes?
RayRen:  Then it becomes a 100 million note.
425 caller: I heard Abadi announced that the reform in Iraq is done.  Have you heard any confirmation of that?  And if so, when will we see it?
RayRen: That does sound good, although I haven’t heard it yet.  I would imagine it would be within a day or so, but it’s anybody’s guess.
918 caller:  In the even the Iraqi people get their cards and are paid, I assume you mean throughout the entire country of Iraq, including the war-torn areas.
RayRen:  Okay, I would go along with that assumption.  The citizens went to banks to receive their cards in person.  I remember seeing that on FB.
Caller:  So do we go after the cards are released, or after they have picked them up?
RayRen:  I would think that after they have made the cards available, that is the key.
Caller:  The word circumvention, or finding a way around… that alludes to the idea that something is standing in the way.  Has this circumvention already happened, if indeed our military has exchanged…?
RayRen:  Maybe.  I don’t know what effect the circumvention was supposed to have.  I am waiting to get more information on that process.  I put that out to let you know that something else might be happening apart from what we are waiting for.  If something can go around the government blocks, that is a circumvention to me.
305 caller:  That meet up in Florida was great!  So much bonding, the energy and the knowledge!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  [chit chat]
RayRen:  We will go ahead and shut this one down.  Hopefully more information will come in today, now that my phone is operational again.  Remember:  verification, negotiation and diversification. 
Make sure the bank can verify your currency is real on site, even if they send it off afterwards.  That might not be the bank you want to deal with, but the important part is to make sure they verify, because after that any funny business is on the bank, not on you. 
Negotiate every aspect of the exchange, even the temperature in the room.  Get in the habit of negotiation so that you can be comfortable in the meeting.  If you say “I want X, Y and Z” and they say “we can’t do that”, then ask “What can you do?  What about X and Y?  What about X?”  Negotiate about fees, interest rates, bank perks, what is taxable and what is not.
Diversification:  don’t put all your eggs in one basket, at the banks and in life. That gives you choices further down the road.
We appreciate everyone listening and taking part, especially the Mods and transcribers, those getting the job done, and those now taking a rest.  Have a wonderful day.  Hang in there and keep believing.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA 

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