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TNT Call notes 1-June-2016 
with forum questions, and the first five callers
RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Wednesday, June 1, 2016.  Wow!  A lot of us didn’t think we’d be sitting on this side of the even on June 1, but here we are.  This is RayRen98 here, working the controls.
The intel for today is just non-existent.  There is no new intel today, and I’m not going to slip anything in and fool you.  Since the weekend, a lot was done and shared;  I gave you the updates as the information came to me.  We are in wait-and-see mode;  it’s a timing issue.  The circumvention was anticipated by the first, so I’m watching for that.  The intel about the cards being distributed and loaded by Ramadan, well, we have a few days to wait before that.
The bank folks are extremely quiet just now. They do have their moods. There was a lot of expectation over the holiday weekend that didn’t materialize.  Now the first is there, and we were told they wanted to have everything finished by the first, but wanting and having things done are two different realities.  All we have is the information we have received, and that is what we have been telling you.
Certain things have happened in the industry that are raising eyebrows.  Banks that said they would never deal with dinar are now seeing it at the old rates, but at least they are seeing it.  Card holders out of the country seem able to use their cards at $3.71.  Other than that, I don’t have any more new info for us to roll out.  We are waiting for updates, especially on the circumventing activity.  Maybe we are closer than we realize.
Q and A in the forum:
Q:  Does your past mention of all the Iraqis being able to see the benefit of the international rate before we the internet group still apply?  How is the plan going of all Iraqis cards being loaded before Ramadan progressing?  A:  I addressed that in the opening statement.  As far as Iraqis seeing the international rate before we do, I don’t think so, although I think we (the internet group) will see it before the public.
Q:  Since the international process was started on Saturday, can you give us an idea of your opinion of what a back wall date might be?  A:  June 5, would be my opinion right now, based on what they have said.
Q:  The two cities to be claimed back under Iraq control… ?  A:  Those are military actions.
Q: They say if an NDA is signed it must be signed by both husband and wife. My question is, how do you think it would be handled if the husband has dementia? I am not taking him to exchange.  A:  How is that handled now?  Do you have power of attorney, or does someone else?  Can he sign his name on a good day?  Look into that.
Q:  Any idea how Okie is doing? A:  I haven’t talked to him lately about making an announcement;  he was expected to have surgery and haven’t heard from him since.
Live calls:  
903 caller:  [muffled]  I’m trying to get hold of Pam to get on the forum.  I get text messages from you all, but …
RayRen:  That doesn’t mean you are in the forum;  you sign up for text messages.  Have you been in the forum?  If you can get into chat and can read posts in the forum, then you are a member.  Can you only see the Latest Blasts, or can you see all the posts?  If it’s asking for a password, then you cannot sign in.  Apparently you didn’t make the switch over to the new site, so reaching Pam won’t benefit you – membership is now closed.  We may open the forum up to new people after the RV.
865/404 caller:  So the military actions were at Falujah and Mosul?  I have heard they were taken back.  What have you heard about Mosul?  Anything from the mosques?
RayRen:  All I can share was in the opening statement.  I don’t know of anything being said at the mosques that’s of importance to us, other than the reports we’ve already put out.
918 caller:  The updates you sent out, I thought that WAS the circumvention!  They were so good, I said to my buddy, “That’s it!”  All cards are planned to be distributed before Ramadan? I think we have come full circle here, because you never said we would be paid when the government reforms or when it went international.  You all always said “we will get paid when the Iraqi people get paid” and I think it’s coming full circle here.  I think this is great news, we are in a good spot, and you are the real deal!  We don’t have to listen to anyone selling Master Trusts, alkaline water or health foods, because we have the real deal from Ray.  Thanks a lot.
707 caller:  This is my first time calling!  People have been talking about the Zim.  You said to take three zeros off a billion and six zeros off a trillion.  I have a couple of quads – what will happen with quadrillions?  [She is not understanding the different notes.]
RayRen:  No, that is not about accumulative totals, it’s about million zim notes or trillion zim notes.  There is no quadrillion zim note.  If a given note is, say, ten billion zim, then you take off three zeroes for that note.  If you have a trillion zim note, you take six zeroes of that note.  It’s about the individual notes, which will be millions, billions or trillions – the numbers designated on the currency notes themselves.
Caller:  If I want to give some of this currency away, do I have to give a gifting letter?  Will I be responsible for the taxes, or will the recipients be responsible for taxes?  I have tried to call the IRS and also emailed you.
RayRen: If you were in the IRS, I’m sure you can talk to someone there… and then come back and tell us!  You can be a resource for us.
303 caller:  I couldn’t find the latest post yesterday.  The most recent one was 29. May.
RayRen:  They are not posted chronologically but by how recently someone has commented on a give post. 
Caller:  Has Abadi’s cabinet been fully seated yet?  Is Parliament meeting during Ramadan, and is it significant to the approval/release of the RV?
RayRen:  I don’t know about the cabinet, and Parliament has already approved the economic reform for all citizens. That’s what the announcement was about.

[There is no new intel, so I’m leaving the call now.  Check the Cliff Notes for Ray’s summary.]

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