Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ray's CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday., June 1, 2016 - FINAL

    • sunny said
      10:40 AM Jun 1, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  June 1, 2016. A few did not think we would be here June 1.  Quite a few last week didn't think we would be here June 1.
    It's a timing issue.  The circumvention was anticipated by June 1st.  Iraqi's cards to be distributed to all citizens by Ramadan.  No new intel has come to me this morning.
    Banks quiet for some reason.  They have moods.  Share . . . and then clam up and don't share.  Now we are into Wednesday, just waiting to see what happens.  Told they wanted to have it done by the 1st.  Wanting and having it done are two realities.  No specifics or details on why it's not.  Latest has been to get the cards done by Ramadan.
    We are waiting for updates, especially on the circumventing activity.  May have us closer than we realize.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  We are in wait and see mode.  It’s a timing issue.   The circumvention was anticipated by June 1st.  . . Iraq saying they will have all cards distributed by the time of Ramadan (sundown, Sunday, June 5 - Sat. evening in USA)
    IRAQ:    Out of the country card holders are not reporting any problems with using their cards.  Using them at a $3.71 rate.  Ray had no information about the seating of Abadhi's new Cabinet.
    • Parliament: Ray could not confirm that Parliament was not going to meet during Ramadan.  About Parliament giving their approval Ray said, "They already have.  They announced the other day, 'the economic reform has been approved for all citizens.'"       
    • Ramadan starts at the close of the day, Sunday, June 5. Remember their Sunday starts on our Saturday evening.
    • Demonstrations:
    • TV   /Mosques:  Ray has not received anything lately that is being said in the mosques.
    • IMF    
    • Rates:  ZIM:  Ray:  No . . .not about accumulative totals.  It’s about million ZIM notes or trillion ZIM notes. . . If a given note is, say, ten million ZIM, then you take off three zeroes for that note.  If you have a trillion ZIM note, you take six zeroes off that note.       
    • UST:    
    • Banks that have said, in the past, "No to the dinar," are now seeing it at the old rates.  Ray:  But at least they are seeing it.  A lot of expectation over the holiday weekend that didn’t materialize.
    • Clean, Clear Certificate only proves your money is clean.       
    Q & A: TNT Forum
    Q. -  Will all Iraqi's see the International rate before we can exchange?   Ray:  Maybe not before internet group but yes, before the general public.
    Q. -  Backwall date?   Ray:  June 5 based on what they have said.
    Q. -  Did two accomplishments expected last night occur?   Ray:  They were military rated . . . two cities to be back under Iraq control.
    Q. -  NDA?  Husband has dementia.   Ray:  How is it handled now?  Do you have a Power of Attorney?
    Q. -  Okie's health?  Status?   Ray:  Last time I talked to him had surgery planned.  Have not talked to him and have not heard.
    Q & A: Callers
    Q. - How do I show a realtor I have funds to purchase?   Ray:  Verification from your bank, wealth manager.  Bank will give you whatever documentation you need to prove you are filthy, stinking rich.
    Caller:  All cards are planned to be distributed before Ramadan. You all always said “we will get paid when the Iraqi people get paid” and I think it’s coming full circle here. 
    Q. -  Reading on the airways, the internet group will be cancelled out.  Not true?  Ray:   Where did you get that?  What alternative did they give you?  Have not heard anything like that.  Believe whatever you want to believe.
    If something happens today, we will get word to you.  From my understanding and belief pushing this from two angles now.  The one we've been working from . . .Iraq saying they will have all cards distributed by the time of Ramadan and this circumvention - whether that will really be effective.  Coming from two different directions.  Which ever one get us their first.
    As I get more information . . . will get that out to you.  Until then, will continue to hold on and know our day is coming.  If not today, tomorrow . . . sooner or later one day . . . the day you all are looking for.  The question is really, "Are you ready?"  (played "I Believe").

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