Monday, June 13, 2016


Randy Koonce   If you have been watching since Christmas, the Kurds have wanted the money that is due them; the Iraqi army has needed money to pay the troops; and, the Kurds need some money to pay their troops... So unless you were seeing all these things in the news, the RV is unlikely because there would not be enough pressure on our president to tell Abadi to release the RV...  I am saying this, because that is what is in the paper right now... the Tariffs at the borders; the Kurds coming to town to get paid; and the Iraqis saying they are going to pay there people by the 15th 16th of June.  So now, we are in a window where we know Iraq wants to do the RV, and the intel matches up: everyone wants to do the RV... it is a matter of, is there enough pressure on our president so that he will not continue telling Abadi not to do this thing. Is the Pressure heavy? YES!  Is the Pressure enough? This time I feel very good about this window... Could we be wrong? Sure... Like I said, I cannot circumvent that phone call between a president and a prime minister... But the pressure is great from all other Government agencies to finish this up, and Iraq is almost begging to get their money out... This one does look good... This window will go to the 1st of July even though the intel and articles are saying the 15 16th of June. Iraq has never been ‘Speedy Gonzales’ on doing anything...I need people to Quit worrying if this is going to happen. It is only a matter of when.  We are close... Every large bank will exchange... RELAX the RV is coming...Breathe.

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