Thursday, June 9, 2016

R ay's CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday., June 8, 2016 - FINAL

Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Ray:  Can't get some things confirmed yet so still no new intel.  Nothing new not heard since Monday.  Still in the same situation.    In a minute by minute, day by day process on any developments that may take place. . . Progress is being made.  The wheel is still turning.
CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray: Don't have anything indicating this is going to take another couple of days or another couple of months.  The Iraqi's not talking that way.  The announcement that the reforms have been completed would suggest that it is in country.  If all the reforms are completed that would be to an International rate.  
IRAQ:    Ray:  Cards not completely funded as anticipated at the beginning of Ramadan as was told to their people.
    • Ramadan is not considered to have an effect on the economic reforms being completed.         
    • Fired Bankers:  Ray:  Don't know they had an effect on it so firing them won't have an impact on it either way.  
    • ISX is up and running.  Ray:  They have been running the stock exchange for a couple of years now in country without an International currency.
    • TV /Mosques No recent reports from the mosque's
    • Demonstrations:  Ray:  The most serious gripe was the corruption.  Even with a revalued rate, how much difference will that make for the people if corrupt government people keep taking it? 
  • IMF    
  • ZIM:  Two years ago we were told the 100 Trillion and 50 Trillion notes were the denominations that would be exchanged.  Now Ray is hearing they will take additional denominations.   Ray:  Banks are starting to tell people some rates like 2-3 cents.  I haven’t got an update on that yet.  We hear they are being seen on some screens. 
  • UST:    
  • Banks:  In the past bank employees have been called in at nights, holidays, weekends.  Ray:  USA banks been ready for weeks. . .as late as even yesterday some bank sources had high expectations, calling in their people to be ready and in place.  Yet we are still here waiting.  And we did not have any definitive information anyway.  I understand the frustration. How many more times can we keep hearing it's going to happen tonight, in the morning?  The banks are being told that revaluation is imminent.  That doesn’t mean they are being told the exact day and hour, just that they need to position themselves with staff in expectation, because everything was very favorable for this to pop.
  • 800 #'s still expected from at least one bank. 
  • POD:  stands for "payable on death" clause to put on your bank accounts.  If something should happen to you name the loved ones who can get what's in the account without going through red tape, probate or delays.   
  • Self Directed Roth IRA:  Can be important to a lot of you. Ray: This must be personalized.  Look into it for some of you.
  • Lost Opportunity - Paying with cash:  Check this website out:   bit.ly/payingwithcash  or also on the internet under http://rayren.webs.com/Lost%20Opportunity.jpg.  Ray:  Pull that down, read it understand it and make whatever decision you want to make.  At least it will be an informed decision on what you know not an uninformed decision on what you don't know.  Check it out.
EXCHANGING:   When referring to the currency to exchange just refer to it either by country or currency.  Avoid using the letter designations like, "IQN" "VND."  Ray is going to say, "I am here to exchange.   What has the highest rate?"  
Q & A: TNT Forum
Q. - Is there another step before we can see the RV in the USA?   Ray:  I don't know of one or if there is one. 
Q. - New currency in Iraq which makes the Dinar we hold obsolete?   Ray:  I haven't reported any such thing from my sources.
Q. -  Any additional information on the announcement of economic reforms?  RV'd to International rate?  Ray:  I don't know what the announcement is to be until it's made.  The announcement that the reforms have been completed would suggest that it is in country.  If all the reforms are completed that would be to an International rate.
Q & A: Callers
Q. - Can more than one account be covered by FDIC?  Ray:  This is a question for your bank.  Going to make this your homework assignment.
Q. - I'm currently away from home in California.  Can I exchange one note?  Ray:  I don't think you will have a problem with that. . .with exchanging one not wherever you are.
Q. -   Ray:
Q. -   Ray:
 Ray:  Let's not forget the three "tion" words.  Verification, Negotiation and Diversification.  They are very important.
 ID's.  Make sure you have valid ID's.  Some will accept expired ID's and some won't.  Check and make sure it is still acceptable.  They can clearly see it is you, your picture matches your face, but you might run into that.  Try to find out ahead of time if it will be accepted.
We are already in the time-frame.  Don't have anything indicating this is going to take another couple of days or another couple of months. The Iraqi's not talking that way.    This thing is too liquid and it's moving.   We receive information one day, it changes within the hour.  Or the next day it's moving so slow it has not caught up to us yet.   Even their intention cannot have a time stamp on it. We just have to watch it, knowing it will move until it comes to completion.
Hold onto the faith.  One day is her day, one day is his day . . sooner or later, my day is going to come.  This keeps me going.  (played "I Believe").

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