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New Republic via GCR: Updated , 4 JUNE

New Republic via GCR: Updated - 235 Facts/Intel as of June 3, 2016

6/03/2016 07:18:00 AM  Intel, News
From the Federal Reserve to a New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset

235 Points of Fact as of 2 June 2016

212. Under the new US Republic the US Federal Reserve banking system was closed. The Fed was owned by a British foreign corporation and its monies had not been governed by the people, for the people. There were insufficient federal government controls over detailed physical performance and day-to-day operation of the Federal Reserve Bank for it to be considered a federal agency. Here were excerpts from a court case connected to NESARA that proved the Federal Reserve system's illegal status.

213. Under that US Supreme Court ruling connected to NESARA it was ruled that US banks should be independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations. The Fed would be replaced by a system of Treasury Banks which issued the new US Notes and Treasury Notes that were asset and gold-backed.

214. Under the new US Republic the IRS and corrupt judges would be dealth with.

215. Under the new US Republic the Bar Association and all US attorneys would have to renounce their Bar Oath to the Temple Bar of London and become lawyers, but they couldn't be considered attorneys anymore.

216. Under the new US Republic the individual governments of the 50 states would remain in place.

217. The North American Union would be done and Washington D.C. would be dis-incorporated.

218. Pope Francis had fired five of the Cardinals out of the Vatican Bank which controlled the world currency before instigation of BRICS.

219. The new US Republic Military was in the process of reclaiming all military installations.

220. The purpose of the new US Republic was to function as a restored Constitutional Government as established pre-Civil War.

221. By May 31 2016 China and Japan had reached a gold agreement that settled all past disputes and debts.

222. On May 31 2016 the Deutsche Bank, which held the highest amount of derivatives in the world including many countries' debts, collapsed. That same day the bank was revived with Royal Dragon Family gold that secured the Global Currency Reset.

223. On May 31 2016 19 different countries had their debts forgiven when the Deutsche Bank that held their derivatives, collapsed and were revived that same day when Royal Dragon Family gold secured their currencies through participation in the Global Currency Reset.

224. On May 31 2016 the US debt was forgiven when the Royal Dragon Family gold that secured the Global Currency Reset, backed the new US Treasury Note.

225. By June 2 2016 a global debt relief had been achieved for all 209 sovereign nations in good standing with BRICS, including the US. This allowed the countries to be on a level playing field in international trade.

226. On June 2 2016 at 8 pm Arabic Standard Time Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi announced that all Iraqi cards were viable and charged.

227. On June 2 2016 at 2 pm Eastern Standard Time the new US notes became internationally accepted currency.

228. By June 2 2016 gold-backed Historic Bond redemptions were being paid out in any amount around the world. This meant the funds were well in place to handle the foreign currency exchange redemption process. In less than a minuet secure financial transactions could take place in the BRICS CIPS system.

229. On June 6 2016 the first payments were set to begin for both Historic Assets payouts and foreign currency exchanges of the Global Currency Reset. Initially there would be a revalue of 20 different currencies including the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Zim, Indian Ruphia and Iranian Rial. Revaluation of other world currencies was expected to quickly follow.

230. Higher exchange rates were to be made available during the first six days of initial exchanges, especially if a good percentage of monies were dedicated to Humanitarian Projects called Prosperity Packages.

231. These Humanitarian Projects were said funded in part by gold of the Chinese Royal Dragon families and by $800 trillion in US taxpayer monies illegally taken by the Federal Reserve during the Bush Administration, then confiscated during a 1992 Federal Reserve Audit.

232. Another source of funds for the Humanitarian Projects/Prosperity Packages was $3.8 trillion gained through a negotiated agreement with Soviet Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev during the fall of the Soviet Union. The $3.8 trillion had also been illegally held by the Federal Reserve.

233. An additional $9.1 trillion for the Prosperity Packages would come from funds stolen from the American people by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and President George Bush Sr. It was found through an intensive investigation that Chief Justice John Roberts and President Bush Sr. had stolen $9.1 trillion of USA taxpayers' funds from the US Treasury, illegally held it at the Federal Reserve and had been using the interest on it for their personal use.

234. See this trailer of a soon-to-be released documentary about corruption in the Federal Reserve, "Eagle One to Wanta": http://eagleonetowanta.com/

235. There was a three hour feature documentary film produced about the US monetary system and it's relationship to the Cabal, CIA, 9-11 (which happened as an intial Global Currency Reset was to take place), Presidents Johnson and Bushes and the assassination of President Kennedy. Right before Kennedy was murdered, he had signed documents which would have closed the Federal Reserve:


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