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CC Notes for Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Frank26:  Obviously, we all want to know what this LOI says. We all want to know the wording of the LOI. I mean, we all know family, you know very well, that there’s an agreement. The agreement has been met half way in the sense that the IMF kept their part.

You’re in the international theatre. So, it is now in Iraq’s hands since we brought you to the international theatre, what do you think? Are you ready to lift the value of your currency?

We’ll give you Article 8, that’s the only thing that’s left that’s keeping you away from the international world.

And it had to be sent, …first of all, they had to have an agreement. They did. And you know that was established back in December, but it was kind-of an agreement where we pushed them…and they did it. And then we need an LOI for them to say, look, thank you we agree, you’ve taken us this far and we agree that we will go ahead and finish the last part, the plan that you gave us in December.

So it is now become “their” plan and that plan is in an LOI that has been given to the IMF from all representation of Iraq. This is HUGE and this is what we are waiting for.

Now, while we wait for this LOI to be defined, we can take little side streets together, little side steps together and talk about some things, and I have to determine what it is that we can talk about family.  

So, when do you think they were going to see the LOI? When do you think they were going to see the contents, the wording…umm, I’ve been giving you video’s, Monday when we talked then the next day on Tuesday, you saw a lot of the evidence, didn’t you?

Then yesterday I gave you a video and it was about six (6) minutes long, that’s the longest one I ever gave you…and it had a lot of information, didn’t it. And then today, you see a lot of the wording, a lot of the things that we talked about in that video presented to you by our news hounds on our Forum.

And one of the things that I wanted to point out in that video is that there’s a parallel going on right now with the information that they’re giving you about the advancement in cities in Iraq, parallel to what they are doing with their reforms and both of those are slowly being given to you a little bit at a time.

The thing that we need to focus on tonight is, that this country is surrounding itself with many things that are needed for the International World to accept them.

You see the IMF took them to the international world, but the problem is, will the international world accept them? Interesting, isn’t it? You have tax and tariffs that we talked about they postponed until the 25th…why? Because maybe we need to see the contents of the LOI?

They’re telling you “hey, we edited.” Okay, there’s the first word. They’re telling you “we’re cleaning.” They’ll never tell you about the mopping like I’ve told you over and over again…and sure enough, there it is. And what are they telling you, uh Fallujah…we’re at 90%. Now that’s encouraging because the next thing they’re going to tell you is about Mosul and once they start telling you about Mosul well, you know what? They are telling you about Mosul now, aren’t they.

There’s issues that one has to consider about the leadership in terrorism to. For example, Baghdadi. Why would we worry about the leadership of ISIS? Because we want the head of it to be caught

You see agreements occurring with many countries right now while we wait for the LOI to be released. We can call it like we’ve said before, “posturing”…ahh look at all these countries coming in they’re posturing, they’re getting in to position, they know the rate is about to go up…uh, yeah, yeah…I’m of that school of thought.

I am of that school of thought, yes. Yes that all these countries know damn countries know very well what is going on the same way that you and I do students, just like we’re students. And that is the reason why we positioned ourselves, and that is why these countries have been positioning themselves.

It looks kind of stupid doesn’t it? No, I’m serious, look, think about this…you talk to your best friend, or you talk to your relative…”Yeah, I got Dinars.” You stupid? No, I’m a student. You see a country that is investing Billions

You see a country that is investing Millions of their currently into Iraq, and you say to the country, what… are you stupid? No I am posturing. I am positioning myself. And like I said in the video yesterday, Germany needs to shut up.

Ya know, Germany, they were caught manipulating the Euro, which only IMO and it makes me think that they are manipulating other currencies that the IMF is trying to stop in the middle east, especially in Iraq.

We have the security, IMO with the cities that we need. They got to tell it to you in their time frame, so we don’t pay attention to that too much. Instead, we are looking at the security in the GOI and the CBI. Now the CBI security and the GOI security is being groomed and is being developed but not only at a pace but at a production very, very shocking, to me and my teams. These guys are doing it.

These guys are getting rid of that which stole money from the citizens, their country.
And Abadi, you know every winning NFL football team needs a great quarterback, we got a great wide receiver, big deal. We got a great lineman, big deal. You need a great quarterback to make every other player great on that team, because he delivers the ball to them.

Abadi is delivering the ball to so many different departments in the GOI and in the CBI. They are in cahoots, we kept them separate for a reason but now we put them together

They are working together, the same thing with the Army’s uhh…United States of America that gave credit to everybody else…the same thing that the Army’s did, that our boys and girls did to bring security to the land is the same thing that Abadi’s doing…bringing security to the GOI and the CBI in MANY FACETS!

And this is why you see, this country, that country this country…they come out and they say, “I support(!), I support Iraq”, what are you stupid? (giggles) No, I’m a student.

But Germany is on a watch list and all this is for the reconstruction of their country, and all of this is just not going to be given to them, their going through the World Bank, it’s going through the IMF, it’s going through Agencies that say “we’re going to tell you have to spend this money.” You’re not going to blow it this time!

In fact I think there was an article that came out today that said something about learning from mistakes or not to do their mistakes again, something like that and I thought, uh huh…ta dah! There it is.

Now, you also have to include the loans and in yesterday’s video I brought that subject up to you because many of you are calling me and asking me
“Hey Frank, uh loans, what about it, well the loans maybe they made the loans with a different rate.

I said, “I hope so”! (laughter) No, no…maybe it’s a rate that they’ll never tell anybody. I said, “No.” No, you have to again, be a student, you’re forgetting
United States of America cosigned for every one of these loans, and every one of these loans is being directed through the United States and, man…tangible United States Agencies to tell Iraq what to do with this money. We. Cosigned. For. These. Loans. How committed is that?

What do we know? Excuse me, what does the US know that they haven’t told the rest of the world? Yes, yes…IMO, inside of Iraq, 1:1, and we told you about the bridge of three (3) days that will actually be driven, the market will get it for those three days. It will drive it, and when outside of Iraq finally given to us, I don’t think it’s going to be 1:1, and that’s why all the countries are sitting there going (Frank making noses) “I’m salivating!” Yeah, get me in there, she’s purty. Yeah, yeah, she will be the prostitute that we all bow to.

These loans are being backed by the United States of America and trust me, we’re not stupid, we don’t want to go into any further debt. So, will you pay Kuwait? (Frank in a low voice) “We don’t have any liquidity.” Hey, it’s us…the co-signer, k. Will you please pay Kuwait? Oh…(laughter)

There not hiding anything family, you just can’t see it and I’m certainly not going to be the one that says, “look, look, look, look, look,” unless it’s appropriate and what we do is that we give it to you a little bit at a time. They’re fixing up these two cities. Why do want Mosul so badly. “Oh well, because the moment that we get a flag in Mosul, uh we’re going to have the RV.” Did I say that? Uh, yes you did…you said that this is going to happen very fast.

Well, that’s quit a difference, isn’t it? The process to reach the revalue-ization of their currency will speed up very fast once they tell you about Mosul. That has nothing…where do you get we’re going to have an RV once they tell you about Mosul? See the difference?

People tend to take that inch and turn it into a mile. You need to be precise. Well Frank, it’s almost the same thing…NO. IT. IS. NOT! Look, if you’re making me something to eat and the instructions say put one teaspoon of salt and you put in one shovel full of salt…does it make a difference? In the study of Intel you have to be very precise in what you are doing. The Intel is not precise, so you better be precise in what you’re interpreting, and how it is that you share it.

We told you, eventually, as time went by, look…Kurdistan wants to “trifurcate”, and I use these words so that you can remember and all that means is that they want to split up into three parts all of Iraq and of course Baghdad says, “Heck No. No!”, because you would fracture the country and you would lose the revenues that Baghdad needs from every Provence, every area. No, we stay together.

(role play)
Baghdad: I’ll tell you what…would you like Mosul?
Kurdistan: Well, that’s what I am talking about, Trifurcating”.
Baghdad: No, no, no,no,no,no,no….no trifurcation, I’ll tell you what if you guys help us out and get right of terrorists in this area…you can have it and we’ll get the census done right away
Kurdistan: (Interrupts) We already got the census done
Baghdad: (Interrupts) OKAY, we’ll give the numbers out for the census, okay? Alright? And Article 140 lifted…..and Kurds, ya know, is it cool?
(end role play)

…and that’s why the Kurds haven’t said much until recently and now they are complaining about this area and the concept of splitting back up, and once again…hey, will you shut up?

And it’s just a few fragmented people from the Kurdistan region that are complaining because everybody knows, we’re getting Mosul! (giggles) Now watch family, I’m telling you, I told you in the video yesterday, watch(!),…the moment…in fact, (excited) there’s an article that came out today, IT FLOORED US! I’m not going to kid you, it floored us, it had our word and we didn’t even KNOW that they KEYWORD was coming in. This one was really a coincidence!

We told you in the video yesterday, look…they’re trying to bring into Kurdistan, Kurdistan is trying to “absorb” certain areas and one of them is Mosul. Oh, is this what was promised to them? I’ll tell you what, I don’t want to put it that way. This is simply their payoff. (laughter) They’re going get it.

And the moment, the moment they tell you about Mosul, they’re going to tell you the Kurds are going to Annex Mosul. But, today…(giddy) there’s an article that actually came out and said that and we all looked (with disbelief) uh, our eyes popped out…does that say what I think it says? Yeah. Was that a KEYWORD? No, I released that yesterday because it was in the file study that you guys sent me. “Well, it wasn’t a KEYWORD that he gave us.”

What a coincidence! And in all honestly, when you think about it, I guess it’s not a coincidence…it is what they’re going to do. We use other words, but the proper wording yesterday was given to you, they’re going to Annex it. I said, It’s not necessarily what was promised to them, it’s more of a payoff. And I said that they don’t want to trifurcate, they want to absorb the regions into their Provence, into their domain area.

You see, in the video yesterday I told you, I looked at you straight ahead, and I said, family, in my mind, I have a time frame. And tonight, I want to say family, IMO, based on what we are seeing, and it’s in increments of every 24 hours, it’s amazing the evolution of what’s going on.

IMO, Iraq has a time frame.

This time frame of Iraq, IMO, is in its entirety. It’s not, oh we got the cities? No. It’s not, oh we got the RV? No, it’s not that. Oh, oh we got the Laws? No, no, no, no…listen to me, listen to me, I have a timeframe and I trying to share this with you that IMO Iraq also has a timeframe and you have to look at this timeframe IMO, in its entirety. You cannot separate. Everything is coming together at one, in my mind, IMO.

Yes…you see things, days, or even a week before they happen, because we tell you, therefore, in my mind, I’m trying to tell you, that I already have a timeframe set.

Now, in the video yesterday, we also told you that we have some salacious news, but the problem is we can’t share it with you, so, instead we told you, you might consider reading, not reading, you might consider going…around at a new satellite called ABNA. But this is a file I can not share with you. In fact, you know I don’t think I’ll ever be able to share this with you, but I can’t just leave it alone so let me give it a tangible connection…there are many news outlets that constantly tell you that Baghdadi is dead. Have you noticed a pattern?

If you have not noticed the pattern, I can’t teach it to you, but one day, we will walk on those golden beaches here in Hawaii and you will ask me questions and I will answer them and I hope you ask me this question, then...and we will talk about it in privacy BUT…Baghdadi dead. Baghdadi dead. Baghdadi dead. Baghdadi….dead.

I want to talk to you about the tax and tariffs. C$ asks, “connect the dots for us Frank.” I can’t. Well then don’t tease us Frank. I’m not. This is imperative for you to understand that Baghdadi is something that we’re studying…right now. And we found the pattern. And we found the location and the reason for the pattern, but when we talked to our Teams and when they told us what they told us, we realized, dear God…we can not share that.

We discovered something that is of importance that they’ve been working on, you know we need to shut up. And that’s what we are doing BUT…Baghdadi. Dead. Baghdadi. Dead. Baghdadi. Dead. Baghdadi. Dead.

In its entirety, because if you just take the taxes what good does it do without the tariffs? What good does the tariffs do without the taxes? And a lot of you are looking at, “hey they postponed it on the 25th they’re going to put those taxes…” I pray they do, but once again, it is the Letter of the T&T’s that we need to see.

Because, you might have forgotten that the video told you yesterday. Over two years ago, the codes were accepted for luxury items to come in to Iraq. Liquor, cigarettes, cars…things that in all honestly, the common people don’t need, but the rich of, the “fat of the land” needs it. So, about two years ago, at the blink of an eye, at the snap of a finger they said, “okay, these luxury items, remember that word?...they can come through, we’ll put the encoding out there…and it doesn’t matter what we charge, program rate, regular rate…because once it comes in to our country…oh we can jack up the price.

The wording of the LOI, the wording, are we going to put the tax and tariffs on everything on the 25th. EVERYTHING…because we got it on the luxury taxes of you spoiled brats that are not there anymore, and now the key is, are you going to protect your borders with now…a code for everything. Because, that would be in the LOI.

You don’t have to show me the LOI but since you postponed telling me about the tax and tariffs…I’m assuming, I’m assuming that your definition is in the LOI.

Many agreements and definitions are in that LOI, it’s your plan now isn’t it. And can you also have an LOI that you agreed to lift your currency to 1:1? Because that was the plan that was presented to you on the 21st of December of 2015 and told to the international world, that all of a sudden started to salivate.

The devil lives in the details! And I want to see these details when they’re ready to tell us but we won’t know until they finally tell us about…Mosul.

Ya know, in that video yesterday I even told you about laws. Because way back when we presented the plan to them and said, “here’s some laws”, and in the middle of January of this year, a whole bunch of laws were passed weren’t they. And then we told you, family, stop worrying about the laws. You don’t know this but they passed…(laughing) you see I couldn’t tell you but…but I can tell you now, we wrote the laws for them when we presented the plan for them back in December, IMO, and we gave them the whole package and we said, “here’s the laws”, all you got to do is pass them.

And within a few days, (Frank snapping his fingers) boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, they were all passed and that’s when we told you, “family, will you STOP worrying about the laws”.

Now the thing is though, that right now…you have to look at the whole thing in its totality, in its entirety, in order for to reach them telling you about Mosul and then telling you about the reforms and the economic and the financial reforms, you got that? So, IMO I want to tell you that right now, they are amending their laws.

They don’t have to tell you this but they’re doing it. You can actually see it...if, you’re a student. (laughing) We wrote the damn laws and SHOVED THEM DOWN THEIR THROATS!

Now, because it is now in your hands, it is open for amendments. They’re very busy doing those amendments right now of many laws to satisfy their needs but still under, still under our control. And while this is going on they told you we edited and now we’re cleaning Fallujah and we planted the flag in Fallujah and we’re 90% and we’re about ready, on the outskirts of entering in to Mosul, and boy once they tell you they got a flag in Mosul…they told you today.

There will be more cities that they are going to tell you because they need to fill in from now until when they…when the LOI is understood. Do you understand? They’ll tell you about more cities but don’t worry about that.

They’re just going to fill in more…there’s a lot of stuffing in the turkey, okay? One of them starts with a Quyar…(laughing)….what’s the other one? Kum-something? (Frank, smiling, shaking his head).

Once they clear the two cities that we told you about…that’s all you need to worry about. Don’t worry about the other cities.

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