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Doodlebug:  KTFA-Family, here are the CC Notes from last night. Please excuse any typo’s. Hugs, Doodle Bug.

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CC Notes for Monday, June 13, 2016

This conference call is dedicated to Mr. Ray Brooks.
“May your life be an example to many. See you soon.”

We pray for the tragedy in Orlando. We pray for all tragedies in the world because that’s what Christians do

Frank26:  Welcome International World. I am not going to explain that statement but I am going to welcome the International World to our Monday night CC on June 13, 2016 as I welcome all of you.

I also want to say Happy Birthday to Don961, God bless you Sir.

I made a post that one individual said, “I do not understand”, which I answered back, “how could you not understand”. The quote was from Muhammad Ali and it says, “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” I don’t understand how somebody could not even begin to understand that, unless they just didn’t want to.

Nobody here at KTFA offers you a date of this investment. Nobody here offers you a rate…what we offer you is our opinion of some good logical studies of the investment and we ask you to take it to God in prayer afterwards. Normally what I do, is I review, but that might take forever.

I think that what I will do is I’ll just walk about here, with all my notes. I’m going to tell a story about what is going on with the latest things that are going on. You see, the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, tells countries what to do with their currency.

The IMF does not specialize in tiddlywink competitions, it doesn’t specialize in Special Olympics, the IMF tells countries what they can do with their currency. They can increase their currency, decrease their currency, print new currency, print new plates, whatever the case is, the IMF is involved with that, globally, internationally.

The IMF told Iraq, as you all know, we are going to grab you by the ear, Junior, and we’re going to show you what it is that you need to do with your reforms. They don’t care about their economic reforms I mean they do to a degree, that’s secondary, but how are you going to get your economic reforms going with the financial reform?

So, it is important that we start off by saying that the IMF tells countries what to do with their currency. And check this out, “Iraq sent a message”…Iraq? “Iraq sent a message to the IMF on the 15 of May confirming their “agreement” to the conditions and the mechanisms and the framework for the physical policy”…that’s financial family …”for the fiscal policy and presented it to the IMF board at the end of June.” But wait a minute, this is not even the end of June. Do you see how far ahead of schedule they are?

Now what was that for? It was so they could adopt modern methods in the presentation of their financial budget. Then, there were also some loans that were going to be coming to them, right?, for their economic reforms.

Parliament Finance came out last week from WS and it says well “these IMF loans are going to revive our economy.” Yes, it is going to revive your economy but your economy then needs a stable and strong currency in order to continue the revitalization, if not…you will die financially and you know that.

Okay, so these are the things that were important for us to set out right away. Oh yeah, they did a lot of things in this process in order to become known internationally and we talked about that already, last week, didn’t we. Isn’t it amazing?

The tooth decay that once was in Iraq in there Government and in their CBI is turning to gold and there are many indicators about this, many indicators. You know, one of the indicators that I really find fascinating is with all this tooth decay, Iraq never went bankrupt. Why? “Because Junior…you are not going to fail this time.” We told you, in fact, hold on…let me see if I can go back to the old notes…so we can kind-of review a little bit…

You know it is almost impossible to steal in Iraq anymore? (chuckle) USA has become very serious about the corruption and I love it and Abadi has been following step by step with the IMF and the USA to get rid of a lot of, of all this corruption. It is very important to remove corruption. They’re cleaning their house before the RV. They’re doing a lot of things before the RV, but all of this takes time, all of it takes time. But it is almost impossible to steal.

I like what Abadi did. And, you know something? All this time…Trade Bank, Rafidian Bank, Rasheed Bank, all these banks… CBI Bank, they were all stealing too…under Maliki’s watch, so that they could give it to Maliki. And you know who was watching all this time? The FBI, the Interpol, a lot of smart cookies.

There is just a lot of evidence of the fact that they are being good and they are following the steps of the IMF to lead themselves into the international world the way the IMF promised them in the first half of 2016…and here we are, ta dah. Here we are.

Congratulations! In fact, it’s so contagious that the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is an international organization comes out and says, “Hey guys…when you get the true rate, and you get those taxes on the borders, and you get everything all set…this is going to be good. And in fact, we want you to join us.” Good grief.

HCL comes out and sticks its head out and says, “hey citizens…I’m for you. I’m not for the corrupt people.” Good grief. (giggling) Yeah, there’s a lot of indications.

Abadi talks to the citizens and says, “I promise you, I promise you…your banks and your markets will be within 2%. The distortion of the exchange rate...no, no, no more. So you citizens, go back into the banks. Get back into the banks and help us.” This is amazing and these are the things that we were complaining about and to see them happening?

So corruption’s falling all over the place, the IMF is watching and saying you’re doing really good and meanwhile…meanwhile, here, I’ll tell you what… before I get into the meanwhile, do you have a mirror next to you? If you have a mirror next to you, do me a favor, look at that mirror. Now lift your right hand. What do you see in the mirror? Well, it might be the reciprocal, the reversal but still, you see your right hand moving up don’t you? Now put your right hand down. Did your right hand go up higher? No it went down.

Look, that is called a mirror imagine and what I am trying to illustrate is that when you see them telling you about Fallujah and Mosul, these last two important cities, they are mirror images to what they tell you about the monetary reform.

How much should we tell them? How much did we tell them about the two cities? This much. Well, then only tell them that much about the financial reform. How much have we told them about the financial reform? This much. Well then only tell them that much about the cities.

And that’s what they are doing, because I promise you, weeks, many weeks ago, you already saw the evidence. Tribal Leaders said, “oh yeah, they left here two months ago.” (laughter) So what are they doing? Look at the mirror imagine. Every time that the monetary reform moves, so does the information given to you about Fallujah and Mosul. It’s been given to you in increments as they need for you to know it.

Don’t be jealous, don’t be demanding…”I want to know everything that you are doing”. How dare you. It’s none of your business. We are very blessed to even know what we do know.
I’m glad that y’all looked at the Art of War, at least some of you. And if you did, well, then this isn’t personal, is it? No it’s not. This is business, isn’t it? Yeah…and it’s good for many, isn’t it? Yeah.

Reuters came out last week and they said that they had flags in Fallujah, in the center of Fallujah. Well, I suppose. But the flags are mainly on the outskirts, they’re not in the center of Fallujah. But Frank…I thought we already got these cities? Don’t we have flags everywhere? (Laughing, Frank says..) “Good point!”

The flags are in the center of Fallujah, they on the outskirts of Fallujah, they’re everywhere. But they’re not completely edited. But Frank, I thought you said that was months ago? Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry…they’re telling you that they are not completely “edited”. Well, actually now Frank, there’s another article, what were the three things that you taught us? I said, “Editing, Cleaning and Mopping”. Oh! Low and behold, after your conference call, there it was. They’re not completely edited with Fallujah but they will start the cleansing pretty soon. Ta dah.

These are the things that we share with you so that you can prepare yourselves not so that you can go around trying to guess a date. “Oh now that they are done with the editing, yeah, they’re going to lift the value…” When did we say that? You must take this information back to God in order to really appreciate it or to understand because there’s a deception in front of you on purpose. And I told you last week, it is a great tactic military step this editing that is going on and then the cleansing.

Do you actually think that Fallujah and Mosul are so important geographically? No. Well, what are they good for? The Art of War. Fallujah is known as the city of Mosques. It is very religious. It is from this area that extremists come out of. This is the breeding ground for terrorism. Mosul is more important for the Kurds, but we already talked about that didn’t we family. And we certainly don’t need to go any further with that.

So, all along, while this is going on we are looking for an MOU. (Memorendum of Understanding) The whole internet looked at me and said, “what the heck is an MOU?” What do we do on Monday’s family? What do we do? Praise God and all honor and glory to our heavenly Father we bring you things that the rest of the Internet then says, “Oh” and they talk about it.

Oh yeah, we told everybody that there was an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding and hopefully we would see an LOI (Letter of Intenet) by the 17th, and the internet talked about it. Well, that’s good. But I’m here to tell you some information that, about the LOI and I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

Is there a flag in Mosul? Because we said Fallujah, but once we have Mosul, give me Mosul…and you’re going to see all the reforms run faster than lightening. Is there a flag in Mosul? Ummm…let them tell you that there is a flag in Mosul and then when they do well then that’s just going to be great news.

On the 28th of last month they gave them 20 days in order to turn in the LOI. They gave it to them, IMO, the next day, they didn’t wait no 20 days. Why? Because, the mirror imagine, between these two cities and the reforms, are speeding up.

There is an “editing” process but I need for you to know that what that means is that they are killing people. You know, you take a gun and you put it up to somebody and you pull the trigger…that’s editing. Do you think that they’re killing people right now? It’s a fire fight. The media tends to, may, paint it that way.

Now what’s the next step: “Clearing”. What’s Clearing? Well, that’s when you remove all the mines, the booby traps…you disarm everything. Also, they’re clearing Fallujah right, Frank? If that’s what they’re telling you. What are they telling you about the reforms? Not much…we’re waiting for an LOI. (Giggles)

The third and final phase, by the way, in these cities is called: “Mopping”. This is basically the clean-up of mess. Basically, it’s massive graves. The cleaning of the mess of a war. But that’s none of our business, is it? None of these three steps is our business but they are giving you this information exactly as we told you.

The internet did not teach you, “editing”, “cleaning” nor “mopping” did they? It’s probably safe just to say, ya know, mirror image-wise right now, no, we don’t have Mosul right now. But when it is liberated it’s going to belong to the Kurds anyway. Well, there you go…that’s why we need Mosul to satisfy the Kurds, to continue all the reforms, to get the citizens, Article 140, the HCL….lala lala lalala…see, there are so many parts to it.

So if we were looking for uh, an MOU and we never got it, why did you bring it up Frank?

Mirror images. It seems, IMO it looks like Iraq is buying time. I remember one time seeing a movie with this one guy you could see how much time he had, it was on his arm, it was a digital print out, I think it was two years ago that the movie came out, and somebody could either add time or subtract time from that arm and you would live longer or you could die or they would take all your time and boom, you died. Iraq seems to be buying a lot of time with these mirror image stories that they’re feeding you.

Because I am here to tell you that the Letter of Intent (LOI) was handed over to the IMF by Abadi and Zebari, who both signed it, everyone signed it in fact, the IMF has the LOI. It talks about a lot of things, a lot of things. Deposit Law, Deposit Insurance, it talks about the reforms, it talks about what they want to do with the World Bank, with the BIS, how the IMF and the USA what they’ve been doing with ambitions to join the WTO, talks about their currency reforms,

I mean they told you they were going to talk about their currency reforms.

Now, the LOI has to then be made public but first it will be put on the CBI Arabic side and if you don’t read Arabic you are not going to know it, you’re not going to identify it. They gave them 20 more days to do that LOI. They did not take 20 more days. And one of the words that our brother Delta kept telling you…”Frankie, Frankie, the translation is wrong…it does, no Frankie, it says (Arabic Term) Frank, that’s the financial reforms they’re talking about. And sure enough…what did you see this week? Oh, we’ll talk about that in a little bit.

So Abadi and the Council of Ministers were supposed to send a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the IMF that, yeah, okay…we’re going to tell you our plan but here’s our plan right away. So, Abadi and the Council of Ministers and the CBI, and Zebari and everybody signed it. And they didn’t take no 20 days.

Now, what is the wording…ahhhhh….remember that last Monday? What is one of the last things that we left you with in your notes? Family, it’ll be on the Arabic side, but we need to see the wording. We need to see what it is that Iraq told the IMF that they agreed upon, even though we see a lot of evidence of what it seems that they’ve agreed upon but…we need to see the wording.

And that’s why Delta sits there very patiently every day looking on the Arabic side on the CBI waiting for that announcement to be made. And on Iraqi television, Abadi goes out there and he tells everybody “Hey, you know what? We approved all the IMF conditions.” Excuse me? We approved all…yeah, yeah…we approved all the IMF Conditions. Well this is good! And it’s close to where we need to be with all the reforms, isn’t it? Yep.

And in the process, uh citizens of Iraq...we got some good ratings. You mean our credit rating? Yeah, we’re not going to talk about that but we do have indications that, in fact, some guy by the name of Frank26 was trying to teach everybody about TE numbers? Hehe…we’re above 50! We’re not at 36, we’re above 50! So Bob’s your uncle! (Laughs)

Oh dear, and in the meanwhile, we have another mirror image but it was a mirror image to deceive, IMO, because Iran was… Iran was…Iran is important okay. Iran was important to lift the sanctions in Iraq so that all the other Middle Eastern countries could contribute to Iraq. And then Iran, pretty cool…sends a report to the USA (well you know, IMF) and they said, uhhh alright, okay….according to the deal that we made that’s secret, about the nuc’s that we can’t talk about, here’s what we are going to tell you…we are not going to do anything with the Iranian Rial for at least six months.

Well, you know what? At the end of June, those six months are over with. Iran was used as a deception. We can only tell you so much, and I can tell you that all of this now is all IMO because I want to.

So Reuters is coming out and saying that the Iraqi flag is at the center of Fallujah, huh? You do know about editing, cleaning and mopping now don’t you. Good.

The LOI, the Letter of Intent, that was signed I said by Abadi, the CBI, Zebari…everybody and sent to the IMF within less than a day or two, not no 20 days… and what that did is that it put the IMF on notice, “Hey IMF, this is Iraq”. “What’s Up?” “We want to tell you of our intents of what we are going to do with the agreements that we have between each other.” Well, we know what our agreements are well, good! See, one of the agreements was that you were going to lift the value of your currency...so what are your intentions about that? We’re going to do it. Cool! IMO.

Because the IMF says, well we kept our promise, I’m glad you’re keeping your promise, their promise was to take Iraq to the international world and they’re there. We’re there without the loans. And in the process, many other benefits occurred, I mean, all over and we don’t need to talk about them, we already did…from Kurdistan to Iran, to everywhere. But, we do need the wording, we do need the wording.

And as far as Fallujah and Mosul? Okay, we still need those places, okay? That’s fine with me, that’s fine with me. We only got certain parts? Okay. We still need to get all of it, we still need to edit and cleaning…fine, fine….because we are still working on this LOI. I mean, all of a sudden you see the LOI…ta dah! I would not be surprised if they tell you, (Frank in his deep voice says…) “Uhh…we got Mosul.” But yesterday you said that we didn’t. (Frank in his deep voice says…) “We got it today.” Okay.

Iraq is paying for the cost of the war? In Kuwait? (while laughing, Frank says…) “Really?” How did they, who did…awe, there must have been an LOI. I sure would like to see the wording to see how they agree on paying that.

(Start role playing here. Frank talking in deep voice for the role of Abadi)
Frank: “Abadi! How you doing?
Abadi: “I am doing good, Frank. How are you?”
Frank: “I’m alright. How’s uh, how’s the two cities?”
Abadi: “Well, no where do you find DAASH in Iraq and we will celebrate the cleaning of Fallujah and Mosul.”
Frank: “Why you using my words?”
Abadi: “I’m not using your words, Frank…you using my words.”
Frank: “Oh, okay. Who’s going to take credit for the word “Liberation?”
Abadi: “I will.”
Frank: “You what?”
Abadi: “I will take credit for the liberation because I went to the citizens this past week and I gave them a pep talk.”
Frank: “A Pep Talk?”
Abadi: “Yeah. I told all the Iraqi citizens to get ready to celebrate.”
Frank: “You know I saw that. Although the vernacular wasn’t very good, the translation was a little hard in my opinion…
Abadi: “I told them that we sent the LOI.
”Frank: (Laughing) “Ohhhh…you son of a gun! That’s good Abadi! You’re becoming a hero, aren’t you?”
Abadi: “Yes I am.”
Frank: (laughing) “Okay. Ya know, Abadi…one of the quotes I like…speaking about the celebration, I like this one that you said, “No place in Iraq, and the Iraqi Forces have displayed its Flag Heroine, cleared Fallujah and Mosul and all Iraqi’s will celebrate in this victory.” Well that’s good… Abadi, when can you give me Mosul? I know, I know…you just smile, alright.”
(end role play)

So the LOI was signed over two weeks ago and we’re looking for the wording, the definition of it and it was signed by all those that were needed and the two cities are keeping everything “at bay”, so that you don’t fully understand. Hmmmm…this is all good, isn’t it?

Yes it is, yes it is….because in my opinion, the two cities that they talk about will never need any mopping. And that’s why I told you…you will never see mopping, they will only show you the editing and the cleaning because you can not reproduce the mopping. And all of this will be of course, for the reforms, won’t it? I don’t know. Alright, sounds good to me.

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