Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Intel Highlights From "The Big Call" Tuesday Night 6-14-16 by PinkRoses at WingIT



BRUCE:  I know that we were waiting for Iraq to pay their citizens all over the country of Iraq and internationally at the same rate, and back pay that they owe their citizens from all the way back from 2013. They did it. It was requirement by IMF. It was accomplished overnight.

That put us in a new position of moving forward because of that.  Just generally speaking the banks are prepared for moving forward and have received some authorization to have our notification handy. Lead bank Wells Fargo, HSBC, Bank of China.

Other banks are involved. Those are the main banks we tend to talk about more because they just have the majority of 7,000 redemption centers throughout the US and Canada.

Bruce:  Josef, I know that we have heard some announcements, things about our new currency. Heard the yuan gold back, our currency is gold back, major funding last 24 to 48 hours.
Josef:  some things predone are being implemented, put into force. Put in today in China which is Wednesday. Gold back treaty for all sovereign nations. This gone on for years.  A lot have happened to get us to this point. The new financial system will replace.
Ultimately for everyone to get paid had to have a new currency, new system of value, a reconciliation of our debt which was staggering.  They literally locked the Fed out of the new system. That is what has happened up to this point.

What we are experiencing now is the transition of one system to another.

This one is more balanced, everybody is valued fairly what they are truly are worth including our USN. That is what we had to wait on.

We cannot redeem into an old currency. We have literally waited of the transition which done very quietly, respectfully not to upset the masses.
Josef:  that is kinda where we are at.  It is every country in the world is transitioning. The acknowledgement of the US new money. It is not  just getting to the starting line it is about finishing the entire race and run with a good safe system, gold backed, and every currency in the world back by gold.

The ball is in play and you have still finish the swing, not just about hitting the ball but what happens after you hit the ball. Not just redeeming but what comes after, so you notice no disruption in service.
Bruce:  This tell us the big picture is. If there is nothing else we can add other than.
Josef: We are at the crack of the bat.
Bruce: We are at where the ball is meeting that bat.
Josef: We all have needs, situations that call for immediate funding, blessing.
Bruce: We are tired of sitting on the bench, we want to play.
Josef: I want everyone stay open to be put into play before our call on Thursday.
Bruce: We know for the first 6 days or so if we utilize the banks we talked about we will be in good shape what is on the screen.

There is going to be multiple 800 numbers. You will have choices where to go for exchange. We are  not saying to exchange one place over another.

We understand some banks in US do have the more humanitarian base rates on their screens for those who want more or a lot more like Wells Fargo.

There is a reason why Wells Fargo is the lead bank.

The Big Call Replay line: #605-562-3198 Pin #123456 (Intel Starts about Minute 45)

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