Friday, June 10, 2016

Intel Highlights from "the Big Call" Thursday 6-9-16

Intel Highlights from "the Big Call" Thursday 6-9-16

Lostnq8:  Bruces call is starting - anyone want me to add notes

This is a live call but wont be super long -

Guests Yosef, Bob, Pastor Steve and Sue

Bruce - intel - coming up

Bruce - everything ready to go - WF in position to release notifications - some issues stalling

Yosef discussing zim - incorrect rates have been given out - zim is valuable - could be a valuable continent due to natural resources

He is mentioning rial and others - seems like the US is totally last in the food chain
15 June – hear- say – ShengHai gold exchange to take world lead in free market

Jack Lew in China this week - agree to 15 June transition - just before then old biz cleaned up = this means us

Redemption centers - no phones recorders cameras etc allowed - private transactions - security in place but not detailed - leave this stuff in the car

Approximately 2hours for the appointment

When 800s come out get er done

Rates high first 6 daze then drop like a rock

Really dont know how many peeps may have currency - lots may be gifted and dont have a clue

Make sure your deener friends know of the 800s - IMHO put on your oxygen mask first then help others

That that thats all the intel folks

Snake:  If we have 6 days until the rate drops and that is projected as the 15th and if my math is correct and today is the 9th we had all better sleep with our phones tonight

JackU:  hi from my readings the IMF and Iraq has an agreement that this has to be completed by the first half of this year for them to go international . I they do no they can not trade goods including oil…. does anyone else remember this

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