Friday, June 10, 2016

Intel from Bruce's Call 9-June-2016

Bruce - Everything was ready to go today.  Lead bank was ready to go.  We heard this earlier today.  We know that it's right there.  We also heard that yesterday afternoon the Zim was going to be the reserve currency for the continent of Africa. Bruce heard from a source and Yosef mentioned it a couple of months ago.
Yosef - Zimbabwe president made a public announcement yesterday about what the Zim would mean to the continent of Africa.  What does this mean to you and i holding currency? In theory Zim could be the most valuable currency in the world, given the valuable resources in Zimbabwe.  Zim could be the cure/saving grace for humanity moving forward. 

Bruce - clean up going on in Africa in terms of rogue gangs and other evil taking place.  Also heard that Vietnam is sovereign nation, Philippines is well, Brazil has handled most of it's political problems and has RV'ed Brazilian Rial.

Yosef - and because of this, the rates are higher in those nations.  Dinar, Dong, Zim, Brazilian Rial, Philippine Peso, Iranian Rial, and that's great for our brothers and sisters in those countries.  But USA will be last.  Heard that rates at US banks were frozen on the screens last night, unfrozen this morning, may freeze again tonight.  Redemption centers are doing final security checks, food was brought in for workers tonight.  We also heard about June 15

Bruce - Regarding June 15, we heard that Shanghai Gold Exchange may take lead on gold and help orient a free market with gold. Also heard that oil will be managed by HSBC. Change in the guard there.  
Yosef - negotiations ended on Shanghai deal.  Agreed that June 15 would be transition date.  Period prior to June 15th where "old business" would be settled - meaning the RV would happen BEFORE china transitions to gold backed.
Bruce - Redemption sites - when we go into the centers, we cannot take cell phones, cameras, or any recording devises because these are private transactions.  SEcurity measures are in place to ensure that that will be the place.  Bruce suggests to leave it in the car.  
Yosef - suggest we do not wait!  If you are out of town, change your plans immediately.  Rates will be highest first 6 days and difference will be substantial.  Staggering difference in rates after day 6.  Almost 7,000 redemption centers, so 6 days should be plenty of time to exchange all of us.  If you have gifted money to friends and family, you are responsible for telling them about 800 numbers.

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