Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Iko Ward: Wells Fargo Contact, 22 JUNE

Iko Ward:  Wells Fargo Contact
Hi Guys, I want to clarify something since it has already reached distorted rumor levels. I got an email from my Wells Financial Adviser yesterday, 6/20, asking me for the latest news.
He has never reached out to me about the currencies but has always been a great help when I had questions. He is a regional manager with accounts up to 10M. I have been with him 3 years.

He has not been read in to the currency exchange, though he does know someone in that “division” and has told me where the regional exchange office is located. He is hearing things which lead him to believe it's coming down the pike.

After several emails and a phone call he asked me to summarize what I believe is happening and he has forwarded my email to his Exchange contact. I am waiting for a response. That's it.

Iko Ward:  His motive is simple. He knows he will not be included as my principal adviser but as a reward for his help I have told him I will request him as my local banking contact. A big feather in his cap.

He also has a email trail beginning in October of 2013. He is hoping to start a dialog between me and the exchange division. HE HAS NOT BEEN TOLD ANY DATES OR RATES. I know more than he does, but I now have a advocate who can pick up the phone and ask the exchange guy questions.

Whether he'll answer is another matter. It is clear the exchange info is trickling down the ranks. This tells me their pot is boiling over. People are talking.

It is also clear they are still holding tight on the intel For him to reach out to me in an email tells me he is comfortable being on record. I will monitor this post and try to answer questions through LIA: . I have to do things this way for security reasons.

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