Friday, June 10, 2016

Highlights of TNT conference call, 10 JUNE

Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Ray:  Not a lot of new intel to share.  . . in the same place/space as earlier in the week.  Political situation in Iraq that may or may not have an impact.  Banking sector still looking for it and saying it's past due, don't know why it hasn't happened yet.  Bits and pieces of Iraq needing loans or cash flow. Lots of excuses left and right.
CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  There is now an intended date to be looking at.  Not today.  It's an intended date, not a definite date. . . I am in complete total peace that we are going.  It's coming.
Caller:  Does it look like this will be extended past June?  Ray:  No!  Everyone pretty well saying this is it now with a targeted date popping up.
  • CBI     
  • Banks 
  • Demonstrations:  Expected to continue until the people have manifested what they are demonstrating about.
  • TV              Mosques 
  • IMF    
  • RV Currency Basket:  In this first basket to RV is the Dinar, Dong, Iranian Rial, Indonesian Rupiah, Afghani and ZIM.      Ray:  There are others as well.
  • Military Exchanges: reports of one or two people this worked for.  Ray reported there was a base that was exchanging and then stopped because of enormous calls and chaos.         
  • Banks:    Ray:  Some new developments we like, is the training sessions in banks. Now it's getting to be almost normal - heard it more than once that multiple banks training at common locations about foreign currency exchanges.  Some training has been taught by some from Iraq. . . A year ago we did not have stuff like . . . bankers going for training, staying in hotels, getting mad because it did not happen. 
  • 800#'s:  only 1 bank Ray has heard of, at this time, that intends to issue an 800 #. Ray:  I understand they have three selectees they will give the number too.   Other banks have indicated they would not issue an 800 #.   Tweet, email and text will be used to notify everyone that is on the TNT subscription, whether you like TNT or not.  
  • SUBSCRIBE to TNT text notification, send a text to the number - 40404.                                                                   The text should say:    FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM        Ray: It's free and open to everyone.
Q & A: TNT Forum
Q. -  MR - monetary reform. Is the International status of their currency being held up by need to finalize reforms related to corrupt officials or policies.  Ray:  Don't know of any specifics.  There was concern for corruption or money winding up in the wrong hands gave pause for the process.
Q. -  Does it look like this will be extended past June?  Ray:  NO!  Everyone pretty well saying this is it now with a targeted date popping up.
Q. - Possible to put our IRA's into a Trust?   Ray:  No, they are individual.  Not sure what you mean.  Ray mused about how to bring this questioneer into the call so he could address this question completely.
Q. -  Any truth past June 14th the ZIM will be of no use?  Read it on recaps.   Ray just laughed.
Q & A: Callers
Q. -  Contract rates?   Exchange time?  Ray:  I have not heard anything like that.  Have not heard of large scale exchanges taking place on contract rates.  I do not think they have been exhausted by any manner.
Q. - For protection should we set up an entity . . .  Ray:  The RVing of the currency is not the issue.  Should we get it done before currency revalues or before you go to the bank to exchange it.  I'm of the persuasion to get it done prior to going in to do the exchange but do not see it needs to be done prior to the RVing of the currency.
Q. -Invest in gold?   Ray:  If you believe in all of what we are doing, like I believe, half of the message put out there is for middle class America.  Still listening to poor man strategies on how to get ahead.  We are going to be ahead.  We are going to look at staying ahead.  Some of it is hidden from our view because we don't have the cash flow to even be invited to look at it.  . . They don't give that kind of information on talk shows and put it in books.
Q. -   Ray:
While there is still time look into the Roth self directed IRA's.  ID's, what do I need?  Ask these questions while there is still time or when calling in to make your appointments call in at that time.  Get your house in order.  Be ready so you don't have to get ready.
Until that time comes . . . don't know exactly what we are waiting on.  Some say CBI, BIS over here over there.  Some say Wells Fargo.  The one's who really, truly know what we are waiting for are not talking.
You have all these others sites out here telling you what can be, what will be. . . You tell me what is taking place and I will deal with the.  
With this new intended date - I won't leave you hanging.  Sure we still looking for this to wrap up in June.  Will they come true?  I don't know.  I report, you decide.
It's Friday, it's fantabulous Friday.  Let's go enjoy.  We can't make it happen.  Sit back and enjoy the weekend.  and wait for the word.  It may come tonight, Saturday, etc.  The wod will come when it comes. When it comes we will sit back and enjoy it.  I believe it, . . . now and in the future. (played "I Believe)

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