Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Highlights From "The Big Call" Tuesday Night 6-21-16 by PinkRoses at WingIt, 22 JUNE

Bruce:  We had some opportunities for this to come through. What we are looking for is gold back under the new system.
Yosef:  195 countries functioning under the gold back system. Just waiting for the announcement, and 800 numbers.
Bruce:  We are looking for the 800 numbers, looking to receive emails.
Bruce: things we heard pending, are now completed. That particular hold is not off already what we thought at 12:30pm today, should be tomorrow.

Yosef:  We receive info that 164 times it has been attempts to begin the process of RV. Shock me how high the number was. Stay in prepared state so that when we have our time we do that.
Bruce: A large conference call since last Thursday that involved most of the major banks including HSBC, WF, ANZ, Bank of Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and others, video conference call...

All geared toward what we are looking for, timing of the release, stability of rates.

Some rates slightly adjusted. All very good for us. Some rates we have for major currencies we hold are still there. You might have heard there is just low rates, that is not true. There are rates that are very high.

First 6 days to go in will be handsomely rewarded for speedily going in to get exchanged. A very important call that set the tone what we are looking for. Very little intel left.

Down to the least of the notifications, announcement that we believe needs to be made about USN that it is asset backed. Can happen at any time.
Yosef: Can happen in any order.  We are in the moment. We watch it 24 hours a day. When they feel it is perfect they will let it go.
Bruce: WE can trust that release is truly imminent, not far from it. Stay in faith for it like we all are. Be highly expectant of  it.  We all want the same thing, the Go signal. I think it is just around the corner.


The Big Call Replay line: #605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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