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6-17-2016  Newshound Guru Breitling  …They are talking about lifting restrictions.  Those restrictions have to do with the value of the currency.  So it’s not technical or any laws that need to be passed or anything like that because there isn’t any restrictions on the currency.  You can trade as much as you want.  Banks can inner-exchange as much as they want.  There are no restrictions.  I bought my currency from Chase Bank.  Chase bought it from Bank of America.  Bank of America has a seat on the auction floor and bought it from the CBI on floor in Iraq.  So this is a code word.  For the first time since I’ve been in this investment…it is a true code where they want to add value and that’s going to help move the Iraqi dinar around the planet.  Specifically the reason the CBI wants Citi Bank to be part of that (they want all the banks)…what are they after?  Supply times velocity.  The same good ole fashioned formula that the US uses to maintain and dominate the globe with…hallelujah   [Post 2 of 2]

6-17-2016   Intel Guru Frank26
    The auctions, the MCPs [Multi Currency Policy] and the T&Ts [Taxes & Tariffs]...They all have to happen at once. IMO...have to be done instantly together...or the MR [Monetary Reform] will fail.  They all have to be stopped at once or they all have to hold their breath at once at least for three (3) days. (smile)…and anything else and anything less than that is an indicator that they are about to raise their value of their currency within that timeframe.  ...the loans...well the loans maybe they made the loans with a different rate.  IMO, inside of Iraq, 1:1, and we told you about the bridge of three (3) days that will actually be driven, the market will get it for those three days. It will drive it, and when outside of Iraq finally given to us, I don’t think it’s going to be 1:1...  These loans are being backed by the United States of America and trust me, we’re not stupid, we don’t want to go into any further debt.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

6-17-2016  Newshound Guru Breitling  ...They want to get rid of some of the restrictions that is stopping the Iraqi dinar to not be [from being] traded globally…"let’s make it easier".  It is great news and the language is fantastic!  …Bank of America is buying dinars off the auction floor.  Are they selling it to you and me?  No.  Ask them if they sell dinar and they’ll tell you “no…you don’t want to get into that stuff.”  But they are still buying it from the auction floor and Chase is still buying it from Bank of America.  That’s where I bought my dinars when they used to actually sell dinar.  Are they selling it to the public now?  no.  But they are still buying it from Bank of America.  Do you see the pattern here?  It’s not very hard to follow…It’s a very important currencythere is a lot of money being spent.  A lot of US Treasury being spent to help maintain a structure so the Iraqi dinar can gain true value and that is another thing people miss…We see things that most people don’t see and it’s designed not to be seen.  [Post 1 of 2]

6-17-2016   Intel Guru Frank26    Obviously, we all want to know what this LOI says...the wording of the LOI.   ...we all know...that there’s an agreement. The agreement has been met half way in the sense that the IMF kept their part.  it is now become “their” plan and that plan is in an LOI that has been given to the IMF from all representation of Iraq. This is HUGE and this is what we are waiting for ...this country is surrounding itself with many things that are needed for the International World to accept them.  Are you ready to lift the value of your currency?  ...We’ll give you Article 8, that’s the only thing that’s left that’s keeping you away from the international world.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

6-17-2016   Newshound Guru Millionday   Quote:  "...with Iraq 's openness to the world and within the efforts to double the non - oil fiscal imports, comes an urgent need to develop the Iraqi ports of the importance of its strategic as a link between the continents of the world point. He called advisory in industrial development and investment Amer Jeweler to expedite the completion of the port great Faw utmost importance in supporting the country's economy..."   THAT MEANS THAT THE ORDERS HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO HURRY UP AND GET THE PORT OF FAW READY WITH CUSTOMS AND ALL NEEDED FOR IMPORTS BECAUSE IRAQ IS OPENING TO WORLD TRADE AND IT IS NEEDED TO BRING IN ALL IMPORTS AND TAKE OUT MADE IN IRAQ AS WELL.  THINGS ARE MOVING SO FAST THAT I THINK YOU WILL BE SHOCKED AT HOW MANY OF US WILL BE LOADED WITH NEWS IN THE NEXT WEEKS... 

6-17-2016   Newshound Guru tlm724  Article quote:  "...a review of laws that have affected the performance of banks and activating insurers pointing at the same time that business trends misconceptions contributed to the migration of the Iraqi capital out of the country and the state 's economic and political appropriate targets for the return of the money put through specialized institutions"  it is interesting this article should come up today where it speaks of the laws and the process of creating the right conditions for growth.  [Guru] BondLady has said this whole process is like the spokes on a wheel and as each spoke is added it strengthens the wheel.   if we look at the laws as the spokes, each time they pass one it makes everything stronger.  part of the problem is that some of laws require other laws to be passed as well, for instance the tariff law needs the support of product protection etc... so yes they pass laws like the AML but as we saw the other day it too needed additional laws to support it...and the wheel gets stronger everyday.

6-17-2016   Intel Guru Bruce
   ...There is no other option for the world but to RV ASAP... Higher rates frozen on screens at WF, HSBC, Bank of China, Scotia.  Lower rates frozen on screens on Brick and Mortar, Chase, Citibank, etc.  WE have exhausted everything we have of intel. Now a matter of performance. That is where we are. Ready for it to come forth. Hopefully see that blessing come forth in short order.  I just got a call.  [Guru] Okie is planning on coming in for a landing.

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