Wednesday, June 1, 2016


6-1-2016   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77  Oh yes indeed...the BEST is yet to come.  The push is getting ready...or in Texas terms..."fixin' to" move forward...in some ways it has begun I think.  Watch as more is unveiled as we observe...The BEST is yet to come...

6-1-2016   Newshound Guru Bondlady
   ["When the RV happens, what do you expect the exchange rate for us to be?"]  I above any other guru now or back in the day...have never never called a date nor rate...why? because absolutely no one in this dinar investment will know or have that sort of intel...that just wont happen, so to answer u I don't know.   ...in my heart I feel like it will try to come in close with the u.s. dollar or even 1 to 1...my reasons is that they have become so dependent and in love with the dollar they don't want to even use there own currency at all...that being said, biggies will have to find a way for them to fall out of love with the dollar and fall back in love (be dependent) with there own currency the Iraqi dinar. ...the best way I can think of using plain old common sense is make the dinar as attractive or at least better looking...better purchasing power...better rate...closer to the dollar exchange rate, other wise...why would they even use it... I still believe in my investment altho like most of us who got in this, thought we would be long gone by now...all IMO.

6-1-2016   Newshound Guru firefly   Article quote:  "Iraq's new funds from the International Monetary Fund, a step in the right direction to make Iraq is under international economic standards."  "Iraq borrow from the International Monetary Fund makes Iraq abide by international standards and conditions, namely that Iraq abide by mandatory."  It is essential that something happens VERY VERY soon.

6-1-2016   Intel Guru Bruce   We are looking at a GCR that will actually include much more than what we thought.  It is about brand new systems, money operating. About financial systems which that operates. That system is up and running, been tested even yesterday. Transfers of countries far apart...And success of those transferred occurred quickly, as little as 18 sec and as much as 42 secs. This system is operating seamlessly. Testing behind the systems. Our understanding is that systems are good to go. All moving in position what we hope is a nice start for June. All we looking for is a notification...

6-1-2016   Intel Guru Frank26    [Guru] DELTA has found two sites on the CBI website that DELTA cannot even get into...and we think that may be where they are putting information about what they doing in these little private meetings...well obviously they know what they are doing...they are preparing...they are not allowing intrusions...IMO...to see what they are doing...and what are they doing...they are doing what the IMF told them to do...and you know what that is...raise the value of your currency...and they are not allowing any cracks...

6-1-2016   Newshound Guru Chattels
   Caution: The dinar gurus who are opining that the Kurds are on board with the Abadi reforms or that they are "happy" are misinformed.  The Kurds are open to being a part of the solution to the many issues afflicting Iraq and the KRG. They are participating in the constitutional government process, but do not think that the Kurds have endorsed any plan or agreement, other than the several that Baghdad has failed to perform, going forward.  They want Abadi to do the things he promised them when the Abadi government was formed almost two years ago. This is all still a big mess.

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