Thursday, June 2, 2016


1-Let it be known that all banking activities starts from east to west ( starting in Asia ending in the Aleutian Islands ) being St.Thomas,St Croix, St.John and Puerto Rico the first to see the new releases (on the eastern seaboard) on there screens and the first to be alerted of any exchange activities.

2- Debunking - First it is illegal to downsize,change in value or demote any currency . It is illegal for any foreign country to mingle in another country's currency more or less determine there livelihood or values.

​The rates shall be the appropriate ones discussed and no changes are to be inflicted by any group,government or leaders of any foreign rein or country.

3-Misinformation and disinformation are both held by the same wicked hand. But it can be assured that, that hand or has been weaken or has been cut off entirely.

Your 800#s are to be available within the coming of hours and the rates have not altered whatsoever. The bank chosen by the department of the Treasury will truly honor all with the promise given and agreed by the late Studley.

The plans originality has been kept intact.

​Good luck to all and just remember to be good stewards under Jehová God.

4-It has come to my attention that one Banco Popular and one Scotiabank will be attending the exchanges in Puerto Rico, now will they be honoring the higher rates established by Wells Fargo ?, is a question that only Wells Fargo can answer.

​I honestly hope that they do answer back on this very important topic!

​"On a personal opinion I think traveling to the mainland to do the exchange would be the appropriate thing to do."

'But that's just me.'

Na'maste Bluwolf

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