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Blackeyepea : How is everyone this great day? Should not be long now. Everything we see happening is positive..I'm going with between today and tomorrow. Some reason they like Tues-Thurs and the night. God is with us..that's why we are here. It's certainly not because certain people want us here!

Q: BEP heard there were issues with cips sysem. any truth? how long to fix?

Blackeyepea:  Crazy I haven't heard that but these guys are so intricate I'm sure we are good now. I caution you all don't necessarily think we will exchange into asset..be prepared for Fiat to Fiat..it will be ok..just prepare.

Blackeyepea : It's all digital anyway..at the end of the day it's alllll digital..it will all spend.

Cornerstone :  BEP, it makes me wonder what the difference between exchanging into Fiat vs Asset backed, if they will be 1 to 1 at the beginning anyway?

Blackeyepea:  Corner it probably won't be one to one..We have info all over the place..I do know we are very close to getting our numbers..other than that much of this is speculation. Let me say this too. If certain ones were that concerned about a robust economy this would have been done and.not fought like it has been!

Blackeyepea : All this 3 day weekend stuff has come and gone. We just need this done. I don't think at this point it matters. It's about to be too late to turn this Titanic around. We are on borrowed time

Cornerstone :  BEP, do you know of anything that could be deemed a reasonable explanation for the delay of the 800s?

Blackeyepea: Corner excuses like system malfunctions..certain banks not fully on line..the dog ate the button of the RV..the cat hair got in the button pushers eyes..you get it?

I hope one day all this comes out to show some how deceptive and demonic some have been towards humanity!

Cornerstone: BEP, yes, and CL got lost on her way to Reno, lol. Nothing seems like a valid excuse. Lets just get this done already.

Blackeyepea:  Corner I still haven't heard CL say anything. I keep saying NO ONE going to show the hand in any of this. Let's get through the night Rascal. If need be we may do one tomorrow Bruce's call. I will advise. Pretty much all Intel is saying the same. Some are differing on rates etc..but really what does that matter..if we get .11-11.00 to 100 on the zim..it's more than we could dream

Blackeyepea : If we go by what they are doing in the redemption centers then yes Ray does not plan on a call Friday and neither should Wing it. We just need to stop trying to will it to happen by our constant need of it and keep giving it over to our Lord.

Rascal..it's already done..Our challenge has been the unknown and the wait. But let me say this ..the person whom has waited the longest has not waited long.enough to receive multiplied millions and some of you billions of dollars. Where they do that it?

Hell if you make 50 per hour which most Americans don't..do that for 12 years that's not even a drop in the bucket to what you will earn in interest on your money two weeks after you exchange..Be thankful my people! God has favored you with a blessing of the ages!

BEPS' AFFIRMATION: " I am so happy and grateful now that have redeemed all our currency with optimum rates and we operate in divine wisdom! We are Wealthy in body, soul and spirit..and in our bank.accounts. God has graced us! By divine order."

journey : BEP so much talk about Zim whats rates on VND?

Blackeyepea :  Journey..enough to make you holla!! Last I heard anyway..I called the person a liar! I called him a liar and told him when he had truth..call me back..lol!well he called back with higher..then I hollerd. Put it like this..even if there was no zim And you just had dong. You would be good..look at what they are doing over in Vietnam..

ON EXCHANGE APPOINTMENT: Get in and get out! We will be in redemption centers.

2thefuture :  I'll take the 2.40 on dong.

Moonbaby. I'm with u future but it's higher.

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