Wednesday, May 11, 2016



Willydell70:  Fisher said it happened last friday but we are still waiting..

AZ49er:  The real truth call

Plastictub:  Dr. WC discusses "The Event" beginning at the 68 Minute Mark. Start at 73 minutes to hear fisher. Fisher confirmed sovereign rates and much more starting at around 93 minutes. Fisher also gave int'l rates as well, somewhere around 180 min. Fisher's Intel about the Chinese Elders is at the 199 minute mark. Fisher on the structured payout is at 294 minutes. Check it out.

AZ49er:  Yosef comes on at minute 160

Beams: WHAT WILL THE ECONOMY LOOK LIKE AFTER THE GREAT RESEThttps://personalliberty.com/what-will-the-global-economy-look-like-aft​er-the-great-reset/

Beams:  I see people talking about a Hold up or delay. It is my understanding that there is no hold ups or delays. There is a process and we are not privy to all the details. Everything is on track and our time is coming. If we weren't told everyday that today is the day.. we wouldn't be thinking in terms of delays. :) I feel very good about the next two weeks.

Beams: interesting: >>  https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2016/05/11/a-great-american-histor​y-lesson-for-all-fellow-americans-ambassador-lee-e-wanta/  

A Great American History Lesson for All Fellow Americans, by ​Ambassador Lee E Wanta


THEWINGIT CALL   MAY 11th, 2016   3:30pm EST

Guest pin code:  623546#

Primary Call in Line: 425-440-5100

Secondary Call in Line: 682-233-7292

Computer Link:  TBA

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