Saturday, May 28, 2016


JustTom:  HMMM.. I understand the redemption center employees have been notified of the possibility that their holiday weekend may be interrupted and that they will be compensated for the inconvenience cxonsiderably

BlackeyePea:  Good Day everyone. Not much other than many are on standby..eager for this weekend…. JustTom is giving accurate info..that was the rumbling earlier this morning…. These people just seemingly find one more thing to do..but the things have run its course.

Blackeyepea:  I was telling Gerry yesterday even when the goes, Obama won't get the economic credit. It will take years for this to be absorbed into the system… If anything, credit will be given for brining Iraq back on line economically after umpteen years

JustTom:  I had no idea they had tied this thing to the Global Climate Agreement… Well at least I understand that agreement has been signed now let's hope that was the last stumbling block.

Blckeyepea:  . We are just once again in a waiting period  good folks!

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