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GRATITUDE'S TO MELSIVET AND MALLY FOR TRANSCRIPTIONS  ~:heart   { more edits to come in later today }
Gerry:  Today is going to be really special.
Pastor:  We pray for the blessing of the Lord.  Leading and guiding.  Thank You for your blessing.
Gerry: Recording and disclaimer.
The call is maxed out.  We have 3100 people on the web.  Got a lot of things to talk about.

 A little housekeeping to do.

Gerry:  I’ve always told the truth.  I have never deceived anyone.  What I won’t do unless I believe the disinformation.  He is trying to do a better job of vetting information to bring to you.  

On Monday on Fisher’s call Yosef said with time stamp and particular date.  Yosef has said that TNT has been deceiving you and now the Wingit call has started to deceive you as well.  151:56 mark is where you will find this.  I am not a liar.  He requests a clarification from Yosef as to how I am deceiving people, if it is about sovereign rates.  I have said I will not discuss dates or rates.  Better to look at all things.  I’m not a deceiver or a liar.  I would like clarification to know how I am doing that.

Let’s go on to:

Art: Good afternoon to everyone.  Went to grandson’s graduation.  All we are waiting on is the 800 numbers.  They thought they were going to come out today.  It could be today.

 Nothing else to do as far as we understand.  It would be nice to know what you are supposed to have done.  Some clarification would be needed from Yosef.  Just don’t worry about the rates.  .65 for the Zim or astronomical amounts.  I am not going to take that.  At 75 I would have to be giving money away 24/7.  I am not going to do that.  Don’t worry about the rates.  We are just looking for an 800 number.  That is the best advice I can give.

Special guest, Awakein3D:  Thanks for inviting me.  Gave a disclaimer.  I am a guest on this call and no affiliation with admin on this call.  The pressure has been enormous.  Personal mission, rational and what the GCR event means on a number of different levels.  Historical event.  From a few notes to more than that to private groups.

My speculation as to how to connect the dots.  Terms and words are important thrown around in GCR land.  Hoping I can help even just a few people.  He has been in this for a number of years.  He does not break confidences.

Where to start?

Gerry:  I’m going to raise your hands.  Q & A today for next 45 minutes.  Not talking about trusts, post RV and things to think about.  Your day to ask somebody new and hear a different viewpoint.

Awake: Update as to where we are.  On a call a couple of days ago.  A lot has happened over the last 48 hours.  Around Tuesday/Wednesday GCR entered a different place; a mechanical process.  

We have been walking down a long hallway.  At the end of the hallway is a door…the door opened and put us in a room that we have never been to before so we can get to a place of exchanging.  

Different processes, treaties and people and organizations that are all bringing this grand event and process to our reality.  The exchange process is a process and there are protocols in process.  

Pieces can be fulfilled because of where we have gotten in the process.  There are many moving parts in this event.  For us that will culminate into our ability to exchange.  Trying to transition from a fiat system that is 100 years old which cover a number of different areas of inequalities to a new system.  

We are on the last legs of the fiat system before it collapses.  GCR is to rebalance the currency rates.  Equal pay for equal work throughout the world.  Economic imbalance and manipulation of markets, gold, silver prices, etc.

A decade long process and has been thwarted along the way.  He sees us as currency holders as insiders.  We have information based on having future knowledge.  We are active participants.  We have had courage to believe that this will have a substantial reward.  We should be commended about.

We want to know when the exchanges can commence.  At lot of information is circulated within GCR.  Step back from and look at the process.  Certain events, contractual agreements, transportation and receiving precious metals and treaties behind those to inject the gold back currencies into the fiat systems.  

We have made some major successes this week.  We are somewhere that we have never been before this week.  Steps within the execution process.  Multi-tiered, multi steps.  We have made major progress over the last week.

There is no specific date to the process to the exchanges, there are certain things that have to be completed and accomplished for redemptions of currency and bonds, etc.  Most of that or most of that has been accomplished.  The place where we are right now, this is my belief,

we are clearly at a point now based on the information that I have without revealing confidential information.  We can expect the exchange process to begin very shortly.  I wouldn’t be surprised that something begins to execute in the next few hours.  This weekend looks to be very promising.  

It has long been rumored that a three day week would be helpful to bring the process to start.  It seems like it would be ideal.  Not that this weekend is magical, it just happens to have culminated at this time.  To allow certain things to go on within the banking, computer systems.  Rate calculators, forward rate features, etc.  He would not be surprised for this to happen over the next three to five days.

772: I really don’t have a question.  My questions have been answered.  Thank you.

281: Once I do my exchange, my account will be in WF.  Will it be helpful to open other accounts for small accounts for small purchases?

Gerry:  Yes, to protect your master account.

Caller:  Don’t worry about the deceiving, you are in good hands.

337: We are going to deposit our currency, we get a certain rates, and they keep 75%.  They will give us 25% and an interest rate on the Zim of a certain percentage quarterly and we would never see the principle again.

Awake:  No I would disagree with that.  When the larger part of the exchange happens if we just take a realistic view, Joe Public making an exchange.  We will not be handed 10s or 100s of millions of dollars without looking at criminal history.  There is going to be a process depending on amounts there will be a background check.  

Like when you are pulled over for traffic infraction.  Some funds may be held while a deep investigation is required.  That is where that comes into play based on previous criminal history, if any.  The banks want this to happen for financial reasons.  Similar to what we have heard before.  Banks will not collapse or bail-ins.  He will not speak to structured payouts and that you will not see the principle.  The banks are not going to hold your money just because they can.
Caller: I am not worried about a criminal history.  My question was will the bank keep the 75% and never give it back to you. 

Awake:  Sorry answer is no.

Gerry:  No that is why it is a contract payout.  You will hear about it and decide if you are going to do that for whatever time frame you agree to.  (Same information that Gerry has talked about before on other calls).

Caller:  The money does not become theirs.  It will come back to me.

Gerry:  Yes, sir.  It will come back to you.

816:  I was wondering on the 75% there at the bank.  Is that only on the sovereign?

Gerry:  I don’t know.  I don’t think Awake knows either.

Caller:  Some are saying you take 25% with you and you leave 75%.
Gerry:  You will receive interest on what the bank keeps.

Caller:  I was just wondering about sovereign rates only.

Gerry:  We won’t know until we get there
817:  If after the exchange I put the money into a non-interest bearing account until I can get my team together.  Does that still hold?

Gerry:  I was thinking about that.  It is still open to us.

Tom (on the web):  Waiting to break into the Blue Moon until it happens.  The caller stated he’s 73, they keep 75% I will brought die before 75% gets returned to me.

Awake:  I’m a little bit confused about this 75%.  I have some strong contact and honestly this 75% being withheld is not what I have been gotten.  Maybe there is something he is not aware of.  We are going to have control of those funds.  Some just may be a little more help than other.  I am not being told that we will have access to the 25%.  Maybe I am just missing where this is coming from.

Caller:  My question is what happens to that interest after I die?

Gerry:  Your financial advisors that your heirs will be able to receive them.

Awake what is out there is that because of the amount of money the bank will keep 75% and we will be given 25%.

Awake:  I am not here to agree or disagree.  He makes a distinction to sovereign rates and fantasy rates.  Sovereign are associated with actual sovereign nations.  Bank is going to way to provide management services.  Many have never had this type of money or had to manage this amount of money.  The banks have experience with this type of management.  The banks will work with you.  Not necessarily with one bank.  There will be a discussion and an agreement arrived on and then movement from there.  I don’t believe that there will be a mandatory 75% that will stay.

Iko: I think there’s absolutely a conversation among people.  I think everything that we have been hearing is speculation based on what we have been hearing.  That is just one story about that governing of the capital.  We are not going to know until we get there.  That will be based on us and how we present.  The deal at that time may just be a pre-screening is.  There are too many factors.  Our previous history with business and finance, goals, etc. 

Awake:  I would agree with that approach.  We have plans laid out.  I am going to go into the new areas.  I have made spreadsheets, etc. and will work with bankers about that.
Let the thing come to you, do your exchange and then what you are going to do is up for discussion.  The bankers are there to help you make decisions.

Gerry:  I have a question for you Awake, can you explain how the petro dollar is driving this process…Gerry was breaking up. 

Awake:  I love technical problems.

Iko:  Your opening statement is about as balanced as any I have heard in these last month.  I wanted to say after you finished that I approve of this message.

Gerry:  Can you hear me now?  Can you explain how the petro dollar is driving the GCR process and why are we in oil supply and the prices …could not hear.

Awake:  That is quite a subject.  I don’t want the economists to say I am wrong; I will just share some of the story.  There is a private side of GCR and the public side.  If you think we are going to shift in one day from fiat to gold backed, rethink that process.  It will create mass chaos.  

On the public side there is a plausible plan to transition.  The petro dollar on the public side:  Within the US, in general, there are individuals who want the fiat system and others that do not.  On the public side there is a force play going on.  They are trying to create a scenario to go gold backed from the fiat system.  

This is going to be a simple explanation and not totally accurate.  The fiat system is predominantly maintained by the US dollar.  The value is maintained by its relative strength and is usable around the world through transactions around the world.  Oil is one of the commodities to be traded around the world.  Based on the demand of the dollar and its illusion.  

To change the system you have to weaken the fiat system you have to attack the US dollar.  The longer the major of oil, gold, cotton, sugar, to name a few, have to transactions in dollars.  It maintains and supports the dollar.  There is pressure to move away from using the US dollar, it weakens its strength.  When the demand dries up worldwide, it is now the Yuan is being used more now.  

The dollar will begin a rapid depreciation.  It will begin a process of a need for a gold backed currency.  Moving away from using the US dollar, especially the petro dollar and the dollar itself.  It may be only months that it will collapse in on itself and then the asset back currency will be replacing the petro dollar.

Gerry:  Thanked Awake for coming on the call.

Awake:  Everyone should just stay calm.  Please let it come to you because it is going to come.  Please stay calm and rational.  Make wise decisions and get help from professionals.  It is going to be what it is in the end; we will know when we get in there.  Everything will be fine.  It really will.

Iko:  I just want to thank 3D for coming in today.  It brought together all of the solid points.  I would love to believe it is going to happen in the next few hours; however, I am prepared to wait for another couple of weeks.  (He could have said few weeks, it was one of the other, could not hear).

The comments have given us things to think about, things to say, and ways to be.  That is what is important now.  We need to look at who we are going to be because we are going to be different people.  Hope everyone has a good holiday.

Gerry:  We are going to be smart, rich, dumb people.

Pastor:  Thank You, Father for this call and all of the good information.  We thank You for everyone on this call, blessings.

Gerry:  Thanked everyone.  And said, say goodbye Iko.

Iko:  Good bye.


Wing It Friday CC Replay 5-27-16

Guests Art, iko ward and Awake-in-3D


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