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TNT: Ray's CC Cliff Notes, Wed., May 4, 2016: CORRECTED

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      10:37 AM May 4, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  What next, based on what we've experienced, heard, what has taken place and what needs to take place versus next.   Over here everything is quiet.  Banking contacts quiet.  Updates from some and not others.  Bank contacts are increasing.  Getting information from different banks, not just WF and Chase.  . . Banking folks clammed up a few days ago.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  In Iraq, they have been given an ultimatum.  Told them to get this done today!                                                                      The banks thought yesterday.  They are at a high state of expectation.
    IRAQ:    Interesting events happening across the pond.  On Tuesday, Sadr was giving Iraq officials another ultimatum saying what happened last Saturday was minor, "nothing," compared to what could come next.  Ultimatum is get it done today.  
    • Abadhi went to a secret location - Yesterday, he named all but two ministers by executive order.  Ray:  There maybe an announcement or this may have been the announcement.       
    • Three President's Decision/Meeting Results:  No information at this time. 
    • Demonstrations:  Sadr gave the GOI an ultimatum to get this done today or he threatened more actions that would be greater than what happened last weekend.  The Iraq people want equal representation, all religious sects represented equally, honest government officials and corruption eliminated.
    • Contractor Paid?  Ray cannot get information. He's tried and tried and no one is talking.  He feels since it has not been mentioned or made news that it is not an issue.
    • Rates:  ZIM, Ray said to ask for one (1) numeral to the left of the decimal and two on the right for International rate.   Adept has noted the contract rate could be two numerals to the left.  I will listen to the recording to verify.      
    • Banks:  Ray said banks don't know the date any more than you or I.  They get notices and mobilize. Ray:  This is going to happen, sooner or later.  We're just waiting it out.
    • Exchanging:  Ray:  You will exchange, trade one currency for another.  It is worth 10 million when you walk in and your are exchanging it for $10 million USD.  Might be considered a "like kind exchange." (look that up tax wise as a "like kind exchange" is a tax law/ruling).
    • Self-Directed Roth IRA:  Ray: It's a tool that is greatly overlooked for what you can do with it. Need to use it before it's structure is modified.  Those of you who have moved on this will be grandfathered in.
    Structured payouts:   Ray: I have two viewpoints.  1) Bankers say no way they can do that.  It's not in their charter.  They say, "No way, Jose."  2)  Some of you will spend; pay cash for items.  A structured payout is a guaranteed payment.  Military pay is guaranteed payment.  People that are loaning money, they look at that.  If you work at a factory and show up for work 15 minutes late you can be fired.  (Military are in there for a length of time and therefore their pay is considered a guaranteed payment).
    EX:  Exchanged for $1 million dollars.  With a structured payout you would get $500,000 now and the balance paid to you over another 5 years.  So you have an ongoing cash flow for 5 years.   It's not a loan.  It's your money.        
    Q. - Still planning on asking for 3 numerals on ZIM rate?    Ray: Yes, I am! 
    Q. - Tony said to watch for a leveling of gas prices.  Are we there?  Ray:  I'll ask Tony to see what he said back then.
    Q. -  World leaders waiting for Presidential conventions to be concluded?   Ray:  I don't think world leaders are waiting for that.  Definitely not the Iraqi citizens.
    Q. -  Did the 2007 budget really happen?  Ray:  To the best of my knowledge it did.
    Q. -  Jack Lew and others still in Iraq?   Ray:  I don't know.
    Q & A CALLERS:
    Q. - Tony said the RV had to happen before SKR's could be paid.  Hearing SKR's being paid out. Has it (the RV) happened?       Ray:  If a massive number of SKR's are being funded, that is going to get out.  No one else is getting that information.  There are a lot of us plugged into banking.
    Q. -  Keep Dinar separate?   Ray:  I am still going to stay with that.
    Q.  Caller was new and had concerns about wealth manager, etc.  Ray gave reassurances.
    RAY:  Wrap up today's session.  If there is a need to come back, we will.  If need to shoot a Tweet out, on what I consider important information, I will send that out as well.  If an 800# hits my desk and they say, "give this to your people," we will do that.
    While we await those things and ponder on what happens next, we believe. (played "I Believe.")
    Recording Stopped - Members Chat:
    Q. -  Are we looking for subtle or big announcement from Iraq.  Ray:  Not sure with civil unrest going on over there now, don't think anything will be subtle.  From the way it  looks if they get A, B,C and X, Y Z taken care of everything else falls into place.
    Q. - Iraq under state of emergency?  Ray:  I don't think so.
    Q. -  Old ZIM with no receipts.  Should I have concerns about that.   Ray:  I have no concern about that and you should feel the same way.  Banking people have never said anything about proof of ownership or where you got it.  There only concern is if it's counterfeit. . . I've talked to people who have exchanged for millions of dollars and it was not an issue.  Banks don't care where you got it.  IRS: Only care if it's taxable and if it has short term or long term applications/capital gains.  If you have an audit, they will want to know.
    Q. -   I have a 501-C3.  Do I need a skeleton trust?  Ray:  I don't think so.  It's about ownership.  If your 501-C3 owns the currency no reason to do the skeleton trust.
    Q. - Definition of skeleton trust?   Ray:  Real estate departments at banks deal with it.  Been telling everybody to call the banks and find out what you can and cannot do with it.  Some banks don't know anything and others do.
    No definition on line. Something I have to do?  Ray: No, don't see how a bank could impose that on you.  If they say it is mandatory I would ask for the regulations that support that.  It might be recommended or highly suggested . . . as it means money in their back pocket.
    Q. - Legal tender, fiat backed:  Can you break that down? What is it?   Ray:  The fiat currency has no asset backing it to make it real.  From the beginning of time the only real money people owned was silver and gold.  Then governments started printing paper money and had gold or silver to back it up.  That made it real money and accepted anywhere in the world.  Money accepted in your country could be called it's legal tender.  They could be one and the same or legal tender can not be real money.  Just the medium of exchange that country chose to use.
    When US started it was backed by gold to be real money.  Then backed by silver.  Some of us remember having paper money that said backed by silver.  Then we started printing more dollars than we had silver to back it up and it became a promise that the government would give you 100 pennies is what you would get.  Because we'd switched from a silver certificate to a "promissory note."  A promise.  That's your fiat money.
    Q - Is it wise to purchase additional currency at this time?  Ray:  Yes!
    Ray:  Can't thank the moderators and transcribers enough.  We are all here for you.  We do care about your well being and that you have good, sensible information that does not pull your hair out and make good decisions.
    The bottom line is so you can be in control, of your money, your decisions and your future.  Could't be any other way.  Playing, "What Keeps You Cool" by TNT member Finesse.  Take care everyone.

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