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TNT: Ray's CC Cliff Notes, Monday, May 2, 2016 - FINAL, 3 MAY

    • sunny said
      10:42 AM May 2, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:   Numerous reports the Green Zone being stormed on Saturday. . .trying to get Maliki.  Mainly because the law makers failed to meet for a vote on the government.   From reports we got, once they realized the US Marines would not get in the way, they went into Parliament.  Targeting other crooked politicians.  Nobody died, but they wanted to beat up someone, especially crooked politicians.  The cowards ran away meaning the PM's ran off.  . . . Some crooked politicians got out of Dodge.  Gave them two choices.  The statement was, "Reform or we will destroy the government". . .
    They were made the government had not done it's job.  Citizens not just speaking, they are acting. . . They could not find Maliki.  Said he was hiding.  His followers are still blocking progress by Abadhi.  The PM was at the Presidential Palace in the Green Zone to have the ‘three presidents’ meeting and handle the issues in their country.  That was on Sunday.  
    CURRENT WINDOW:    Ray:  . . . sources adamant . . . they would on Monday.  Saying "Monday is a done deal.  You can take that to the bank."  . . . Bank folks scratching their heads they were not exchanging people on Saturday.  It's now 1 pm Eastern and banks strangely quiet.    Maybe get to us this afternoon with an update.  My sources just perplexed they have not already done something. 
    Ray:  What I shared today is progress.  Just the banks being 100% compliant . . .we are getting somewhere big time.  Progress in the making big time.
    IRAQ:   Ray:  Iraq has two releases:  Private in country already done.  We are waiting for the public release.  RV, HCL, the currency being International and everything else will fall in line.  With the civil unrest I can’t see it going for 6 more months. The people are speaking.
    • Maliki:  
      is not out of the picture.  The rioters were looking for him. Ray:  They said he was hiding.  I don’t know his role now, but his critics are looking for him.  His allies are still voting against what Abadi wants.
    • Banks:  The banks are now supposedly 100% compliant for what needed to be done.  Ray:  Had not received information that banks were not 100% compliant until this morning.  
    • Demonstrations:
    • TV  /Mosques Ray is not hearing anything from the mosques.  Got one report they had announced the RV.
    • IMF directive said, they wanted to bring Iraq back into International market by first half of 2016.         
    • Rates    Dong between .47 and $2 plus change
    • UST:    
    • Banks:  Called in people last Saturday. No exchanges made.  Ray: Maybe doing private exchanges today.  Maybe get to us this afternoon with an update. I cannot believe someone is setting up the banks for the fun of it.  And the citizens in Iraq are breaking into Parliament, to get rid of the crooked ones.  I guess they think Abadi isn’t doing it quick enough. 
    • Packages
    • Wells Fargo is the lead bank (clearing house for the UST), but not the only bank.  They have to accept you if no one else will. Call your bank to determine if they exchange foreign currency and do they verify it on site or does it have to be sent off.  Best not to mention dinar currency.  Ray:  Know as much as you can in advance, so you don't get surprises.
    • Open Mic:  Ray:  OM is not an intel call.  OM is a community where we hang out and analysis the information.  A member came on and said they had a contact in Europe and she gave those rates.  I never gave any rates.  Is it logical?  Is it far-fetched?  Just repeating what she said. I'm thinking that was a private exchange (in London).  Q. - Heard anymore on exchanges from London?    Ray:  No, I have not.  Perhaps they were private exchanges.  If public we would have heard by now.  Q. - One of the currencies coming out at $10?    Ray:  That was information reported on OM. . .Time will tell.
    Ray will have a meet and greet in Phoenix, AZ. May 13th, 7 pm.  Location to be announced.  
    Q & A: 
    Q. - First step to protection?    Ray:  Have some other entity owning the money and your just in charge of it. 
    Q. - Is the International currency status more sought by the citizens or the CBI?  Ray:  I would say the CBI.  The average citizen either does believe it or doesn’t see the significance.

    Q. - Expiration date with ZIM?  ZIM coming out first?   Ray:  Don't know of an expiration date.  I wish they would do one of these currencies first.
    Q. -  On a scale of 1 - 10 could we see the release before this week's end but with official date of April, 2016?   Ray:  10!  . . . The question is whether we could see this before “this week’s end”, and I said 10.
    Q. - First time caller:  I have a hundred trillion ZIM note.  Is that a collector’s item?  Ray:  It may have been sold as that, but we’ll see what happens in the future, which is tomorrow.  Some people have exchanged their currency and they received a good rate.  You hold onto that note until there is some reason not to hold onto it.
    Q. - I spent some time in Iraq, and I bought money from the CBI.  They didn’t give us any receipts.  Would my passport be sufficient evidence that this was long-term?  Ray:  I think so.  I would go with that.  That would be your documentation.
    Q. -  Do you know anyone personally who has exchanged?    Ray:  Yes!
    Q. -  Do you still see the Dinar and Dong coming out together?   Ray:  Yes, they are all there.
    Q. -  Bruce said the banks would be closed through Monday and then reopen on Tuesday to do this.  Ray:   Banks were open this weekend, so sometimes information gets crisscrossed. Over time, it will all come out.
    Recap:  Bottom about to fall out over there if it hasn't already.  We are waiting to hear the results of the three Presidencies meeting with PM on Sunday.   Received info on Parliament coming back for meeting again.  Banks over there 100% compliant.  Not aware it was not done but glad to hear it is done.  Cross that off the list.
    US banks scratching their heads.  Thought they would exchange on Saturday and really, really sure they would on Monday.  Not heard from them so maybe in the midst of exchanging or doing private exchanges, or maybe not.  

    Until THAT time, in between time, all we can do is hold on and keep the faith.  I don't know about you but I believe. (played "I Believe.")   Ray:  Yes, I believe.
    After the recording stopped:
     Q. I'm moving.  Will that have anything to do with where I bought my currencies?     Ray:  No, it should not.
    Q. -  Why are some calls adamant we have to have a trust to exchange? And it has to be an irrevocable trust and they have to do it at Wells Fargo. They are pushing it and pushing it.  Ray:  I'm assuming they are getting information they believe to be true and factual.  The TNT members know better.  What your saying doesn't make sense to me.  They are in the business of making money, exchanging currency.  Nothing logical in what is being said.  Not once have I gotten any information like that.  None of that has come to me.  What I hear coming from you, automatically coming to me says BS.  Doesn't make sense.
    Ray:  FRIDAY Evening, MAY 13, Phoenix, AZ:  We will have a "meet and greet."  We will rub elbows, eat and . . . Free right now, but if it gets large we will have to rent a room.  If 30 or so people, we will hang out in the restaurant until it closes. Workshop Saturday morning.  Contact Ray directly at rayren98@aol.com
    Q. -  I'm a wealthy widow, over 65 and concerned about making an investment. What should I look for at a bank or where do I go to set up a Trust.  He (bank clerk) acted as if he was not acquainted with the information I was seeking. I really feel like I was put off.   Ray:  You may have been.  Put yourself in his position.  You just coming in wanting to talk about something and take 1 -2 (of his) hours . . . free information.   Caller:  Go to another bank or what?  Ray:  I think I would.  Ask for a wealth manager.  Real good ones are already going to know what the deal is.
    Ray's Contact list web site:  bit.ly/rayslist
    Ray:  Okay, we have been on here an extra 30 minutes.  Going to play this song by Finesse, one of our members.   Song title is, "What Keeps You Cool," by Finesse.

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