Friday, May 20, 2016

TNT: Ray's CC Cliff Notes, Friday, May 20, 2016 - FINAL

Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Ray stated he was cancelling his plans to leave town this weekend indicating he might need to be available to go to the bank -

DAZ, DAVIDM & PAPERBOY!!!  Ray:  Show them some love!
Ray:  Late breaking intel just tried to come in.  Had to make decision to tell you later or drop all of you and disconnect to take the call.  I will get it on the back end of the call or see if they can text it.

Welcome to our wrap up training session.  It feels like this is the last training call.  Unconfirmed reports, that I don't usually mention, but I think these will be confirmed.  . . I hope this is a wrap up session, not just for the week, but for the ride.
He said to take his words today cautiously.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Seems like it will be no fan fare or circumstance . . .like "Ooops, there it is."  We may go thru this weekend of civil unrest and bam the RV and we are at the banks Monday Going to look for something good to come out when the banks open over there.

IRAQ:    Ray:  ER being implemented.  Citizens happy.  Comes from people in Iraq.  IMF loan kicked in.  Some citizens still angry, breaching the Green Zone.  Coins and lower denom's released.  Multiple reports of card holders, whose cards were not working before, having $3.71 on their cards.  Looks like $3.71 is their rate . . . will be the International rate.  Higher here in the US.  Waiting to see what the banks see on their screens. 
Conflicting information.  Could be just l or 2 still popping caps that haven't got the message to cease fire.
Citizens expected to be happy when their banks open on Saturday.  Ray thinks that is 10 am Iraq time and asked someone who knows the time to text him.
  • CBI     
  • Rafidian Bank announced yesterday they had launched MasterCard world wide. Cards are to be used outside of Iraq.
  • Demonstrations:  some citizens still angry, breaching the Green Zone.  Others expecting citizens to be happy when the banks open on Saturday.
  • TV /Mosques Ray had no reports on what was being said in the mosques today.  He did have reports of violence and "all hell breaking loose over there."  Ray:  Need to make some phone calls to see what is going on in the midst of this RV process.
  • IMF    
  • Rates:  Last rate Ray has seen for Afghani currency was $2.30 something.    
  • UST:    
  • Banks:         Expectations are thru this weekend and all into next week for full blown exchange activity.
  • Packages:          
EXCHANGING:   Ray:  Nothing new on exchange procedures.  Have not heard lately that they want to get you in and out as quickly as possible.  Have heard one or two say they want you to come in and get on out.  Have not heard time frames of 15-20 minutes.  Remains to be seen.

Q & A: TNT Forum

Q. -   Will today's demonstration have an effect on the RV?  Ray:  None at all to my knowledge unless something is going on over their I am not aware of.

Q. -   How can we be sure xxchange centers not located in WF banks are legitimate?  Just want to be safe and secure.  Ray:  Good question to ask when you make your appointment, whether it's the 800# I give you or another.   ie:  Will currency be verified at the exchange location I'm going too?  Funds deposited that day?
Q. -     Ray:  Lynwood posted in the Q & A session, "Today is my birthday."   Ray played a peppy, jazzy "Happy Birthday" song for Lynwood.

Q & A: Callers

Q. - I have a trust.  Can I create a sub trust for purchasing a car?    Ray:  Yes.
Q. -  Are we going to be flooding the bank with calls?   Ray:  Yes.  Caller:  What will happen if we don't get 800#'s?  Ray:  We will find one way or another.  Caller:  How do we protect our money?  Keep dinar and ZIM separate?  Form an LLC for ourselves?  Trust?  I want to make sure I don't lose this money.  Ray:  Always going to be a way we can lose money.  You have a mixture of things going on.  As far as exchanging, you  should only be concerned with exchanging in your own name or exchange in an entity name and then learn how to handle the money from then on.  If your going to exchange into a entity, best to have them done before going to the bank.  If cannot do that then exchange and then look for a service provider who will help you with the rest.
Q. - I have LLC as business.  If I used that as the entity to exhange thru, could someone sue me or exhange in my name and trade it out?   Ray:  I think it would be okay.  It's the LLC money, not yours so if you get sued the LLC gives you liability protection.  Caller:   Ray:  You should be okay.  You can move it (money) later.  Caller:   Ray:  He needs to understand he will have the same reality as an owner and once he understands he won't have a problem.    Ray:  Once you subscribe to the concept of control over ownership . . . you took a control position.  Who do you want to have it when you pass?  Now that you are in control who do you want pass it too?  The children.  No inheritance.  They just take it over as successor.  I favor the complex trust.  I know that is the best one.
Q. - I am over the wealth managers in this region at WF.  I have talked with top people and have found no one who knows anything about this.    Ray:  If I'm one of the people your referring to and my boss tells me to keep my mouth shut or out you go, what do you think I would say to you?  There are other people at Wells who have a need to know and are accessing it. Or me and quite a few other people have people lying to us.  You have either people who don't know or not telling you.  I will lie to you if it will cost me my job.  We are going to find out sooner or later the bank people knew it or didn't tell it. Either you will be 100% right or I will be 100% right.

Caller:  404 Lady   Ray:  I am talking to 404.  There is an idiot on another site claiming we banned you for this call.  Glad you called today in case anyone from the other site believed that.
404:  Hopeful this is the last call you will be making.  Status of contract rates?  Ray:  Last time  I talked with someone I thought was knowledgeable they left me under the impression to ask for it for whatever I am exchanging.  I am asking for a contract rate on everything I am exchanging.


 Anticipating weekend things to happen based on the banks and amidst the civil unrest I'm hearing about.  Excited and looking forward to Monday and exchange activity.  Let us not forget the 3 "tion" words.  Verification - Negotiation -Diversification.  Those are the three "tion" words that should be part of your plan of action.  Those three are very, very important to your financial future.
If something happens this afternoon worthy of a call then we will do one.  Or a tweet or post in the forum.  A lot of things being said, confirmed and not confirmed.  When I say confirmed, I mean Yes, It's real.  It's happening.  Not confirmed because two or three people said it.
Enjoy your weekend.  Let's look forward to an exiting weekend.  If not tonight, tomorrow.  Looking forward to hearing some happy information to give us a real good sense of where we are in the grand scheme of things.  Keep holding on.  Keep believing.  We are going to get there.  (played "I Believe.")

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