Thursday, May 26, 2016


    • Tigerfan said
      11:53 AM May 26, 2016
    I feel so fortunate that today I had a most candid chat with a native born Iraqi who is now an American citizen. Due to certain legalities, I am unable to tell you how this conversation came to be, as there are privacy rules in place. Without going into every detail, he was extremely forthright.  Some of this you might already know or have heard some of these issues. But for me, this is from the horses mouth.  All I'll say about this person is that they were a translator for the US Military in 2004.  He left the Country a few years later for America and is a citizen.
    First, he stated that under Saddam, there was unity.  There were still sects and different beliefs but no inward rebellion.  He stated that he doubts that the new order in Iraq will sustain itself.  Sadly, he said that Iraq needs a "dictator" because that's all the people truly know. 
    Secondly, I asked if his mom, who still lives there, needs a wheelbarrow full of dinar to purchase a loaf of bread.  His response: "the dinar has value and is recognized internationally." I asked about banking.  He responded that banking is in its infancy with respect to the modern era of transactions and he hoped that the everyday Iraqi citizen would understand it.  With direct respect to the dinar, he stated that the value should be brought higher, as it was under Hussein. 
    Next, I asked about reforms.  He chuckled.  He said if you think Washington is corrupt, go to Baghdad.  He personally thinks that there are too many different corrupt individuals trying to get the best deal for their particular sect and for themselves. 
    Finally, I asked about ISIS:  He was blunt. The Iraqi forces, he said, can take it to them.  But once its done, can the government hold them out.  He freely admitted that the run of the mill Iraqi has no care to fight for Iraq.  He also added that the Iraqi people truly don't like the Americans because of how Iraq has ended up.  He said that although when Hussein was captured and you saw all Iraqi's in the government scream to hang him, it was because they were next to reap the wealth of Iraq. 
    What did I glean from this?  Simply that a people who are used to being led by a dictator, knowing their limits, are better off than trying to deal with a democracy of corruption, as they now have. While I don't agree with Saddam Hussein's reign of terror on Kurds and others, this man tells me they were better off.  I report, you decide.  I'm only the messenger.  It was however, a fascinating chat!

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