Monday, May 23, 2016



Artneto: (Iko on the WingIt Call 5-23-16)  Disclaimer on the Iko intel. This is my interpretation of what he said. I did not transcribe while he spoke. Therefore, I apologize if I have misrepresented his words.

Iko has bank contact who has confirmed a lot of information in the past. Therefore, Iko trusts this person. This bank contact has said that rates are on screen. The rates are better than expected, and she knows what we are expecting. But she will not repeat what she sees on the screens.

Iko's bank contact said that ALL of the exchanges will occur at exchange centers. NO retail banks. This is for security reasons. Some of the exchange centers will be military locations/bases so that once you are "on campus" you are completely safe.

Artneto:  Here is something that I want to mention about NDA. IMO I believe that there will be an NDA for everyone who takes a rate that is not on the screen. IMO the banks are only concerned that we do not discuss rates. Can you imagine dinarland chat rooms and CC comparing rates from different banks!!

Iko also confirmed that we will have 800##, so no need to worry about where to go.

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