Thursday, May 19, 2016



Yada: Folks, have to just review what we've heard from Ray's updates on Monday and Wednesday,,,,,the CBI is expected to raise their rates on the dinar triggering the other currencies to adjust their balances i e GCR,, expecting this any moment now

Elmerf123456:  A coin has two sides. Side one- organized chaos Side Two- celebrated changes We have all been living on side one. Shortly we will all finally see the flip side of the coin.

elmerf123456: Financial and Economic Reform READ!!

Elmerf123456:  http://rudaw.net/english/business/19052016

Seems like the loan was for $5.4 billion so there's a differences in reporting.

The $15 Billion is a stand by fund which hasn't been approved yet. Could be a letter of credit. The movement of an agreed initial 5.4 Billion is a positive step with IMF. And testimony of confidence in the Country. Would you loan money to someone without confidence of repayment over the term? No! So the underlying approval is really great news for forward progress in country of Iraq.

Yada:  GA Elmer,,,,can you tie the IMF loan with process of the RV?

Elmerf123456:  No connection. But if you quick start the infrastructure, it also stimulates the economic change in the country and solidifies the return. The RV is a global issue and Iraq is only part of that. They are a bright lightbulb but not the power grid.

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